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McDonalds McPizza McSweatshirt



Good Head

hats off to these popular The Game hats from the 90s that brought sexual innuendo to college sports fans’ heads everywhere!!!

no hat said ‘I suck’ more than this Cocks hat!

the hat joke that required the most work was this UMASS one, where people had to un-stitch the ‘M’ to make an ass out of you AND me (but mainly him)

nice beaver. thank you, I just had it stuffed

for those not ballsy enuff to wear a Big Peckers tee

straight up baller!

who wants to bust ghosts, when you can bust balls???

SAC to the future

hop on pop!

why don’t you mount some balls!

or liquor in the front!

choker?  I don’t even know her!

lemme helps Phelps you with that


F me?

F U too!!!

requires no explanation!

literally a Jimmy hat!

if only they were the Trojan Jimmies!

a good hat is HARD to find!

sailors get around – they have a girl in every port(hole)!

the perfect hat for that time of the month

not exactly sexual in nature, but WOOP!  here it is!!!


Lords Only Knows What I’d Beat Off To Without You



man, that 1984 Summer Olympics logo was so hotttttttt!!

la olympicvs tee vons olympics

(on Traci Lords’ smoking body!!!!!!)


Love Bytes

OS Oh Yes! 
Official Website | Trailers & Mo
R | 119 min


 is so fcuking creative.  Maybe he needs lotsa time to be so fcuking creative.  And if so, is that why he’s only made four movies since 1999?  And if that so is so, so what?  If he’s gonna keep delivering mind-bending/blowing cinema, then please, take yer jolly a$$ time Spike!  His latest Her is just another grand notch on his ultra-cool, ultra-crazy filmmaking belt.  The difference with this flick vs his other works is that this one’s 111% the vision of Jonze, as he wrote the script from scratch himself

I for one am obsessed with technology.  I can’t keep my fingers off my phone (and my fiancee, but she doesn’t always do what I tell her to do :).  Jonze knows this (not about me, but about all of us), and he sees our relationships with our computers (in the near future) growing even closer, for worse AND for better.  His Her is a new computer operating system unlike anything that came before it, in our reality, and even in cinema’s fantasies.  Before Her, there was the artificial intelligence that was Metropolis‘ Maschinenmensch2001‘s HAL-9000, Tron‘s Master Control ProgramWarGames‘ WOPR, and in body form, A.I.‘s David.  You can see what direction these movie AIs have been going – less evil, more human-like, more helpful, and more lovable (yet always creepy!!).  Woah, Spike, you just unknowingly made a sci-fi epic, without being at all sci-fi-y!

 is our end user Theodore Twombly, a lonely, thoughtful and misunderstood soul looking for someone to talk to, and to fill the void of his recently lost love life.  When he purchased his new operating system, simply named OS1, little did he know that he was about to embark on another rollercoaster of love and all that comes with it.  OS1, with the voice of , gives herself the name Samantha, and Theodore a new lease on life.  She grows as a learning computer, and he grows closer to ‘her’ with every byte, and they ultimately and completely fall in love with one another.  But can a man fall in love with his computer?  Well, in 2009, a man married a video game character, so why couldn’t this happen?  The love in Her feels true, but remains so unnervingly creepy to us (there’s a scene that cuts to moments of black, which will make you feel beyond awkward), but in this near future landscape, it’s more acceptable than it is frowned upon

Do we want this bad good bad future to happen?  To be honest, I don’t want anything in Spike Jonze’ head to become real, but I want to keep on seeing what he sees, cause only he could make a make-up-less  seem sexier than she did being half-naked in American Hustle

Verdictgo: Breast In Show

Clothing Jonzeing: now you can dress like it’s the near future too, with Opening Ceremony’s Her inspired line!

her clothes

Her boots up currently at a theater near jews

(this was the last movie we needed to see before coming up with our best of ’13 list. sorry Phil O Meana & Nebraska, there juss aint time to see you)

and until next thyme the balcony is clothed…

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