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Ketchy-upping On The Golden Arches

McDonalds ketchup & mayo is bottled and sold in some European grocery stores!

mcds ketchi[p

ketchup stabnd

mcdondals ketchup

mcds ketchup europe bittle


McDonalds_kecup_580gmyao mcds 

€5 says it doesn’t taste like Heinz

also… I’m not a size Large, otherwise, I’d already would own this

shot mceonalds

and you didnt 



we way no longer Hungray, and totally Czeched out of Krtekland, and it was off to our final destination in our European holiday…


first thing first, Vienna is actually named Wien, as in hot dog Wieners

smëlls lïkë üp dög

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or as in Wienerschnitzel (the city is HOME to it, duh)


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but not as in Tafelspitz or Mark Spitz


wonder if they have an AM radio station called 1010 Wiens.  anywho, Wien is in Austria, which shouldn’t be confused with Australia

Auf Wiedersehen Europe. until we Wiedërsehen again!!!

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and it never would, with such an awesome language in use like German!

wë hävë ärrivëd ïn Äüstria. Gööötën Mörgän Fäïrchïld #winning

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although ‘Gloria’ is a beautiful song in ANY language

GLÖRIA!!!!! #ZDFKultur

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but not sure what Chuck sauce is like in any language

Chück yöü

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but pizza in every language is ‘pizza’ (although we didn’t have pizza in Europe, cause why would we??)

I want this tattööed on meine ëÿës MEINEVER!!!

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cause when in Wien, do as the Wieners do – #Wienning

I'm shocked Herr Wöödy never made un film about Tafelspitz and giant wooden spoons

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and talk to random German and Swiss dudes

and kiss yer wife, cause you can’t stand how beautiful she is

and pick on someone not your own size

pïckïng üp gööd vïbrätïöns

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and be like The Third Man and ride that ye olde Ferris Wheel

this wiener riesëns mad rad yo!

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and know nose where to find one of your favorite painter’s work!  BLESS YOU GIUSEPPE ARCIMBOLDO!!!!!!!!

zumtimes I wish I had un pickle for ä schnauze too. bless yoü #Arcimboldo

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now Wien doesn’t have Eastern European charm like Hungary and Czech Repub do, but Austria never had to deal with all that standing in line for bread and sharing stuff.  it remained a cosmopolitan place, for centuries, and remains so

vienna street

where they have palatial palaces!!!


with selfie points – how modern!

selfie point

round we go!


too even more schmancy cafés!

hööráy 4 cáfës!

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and schmancy chocolatiers!


and to one of the most unique structures I’ve ever seen – KunstHausWien – a museum created by the artist himself – Friedensreich Hundertwasser!!!!!!!!!

Hundertwasser in dä haus, bringing dä fünk

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tiley smilerus!

kunst haus

even the bathrooms are funky fresh!

kunst bathroom

and he also designed other buildings that aren’t his own museumz!!!

 wasser 3

like the Hundertwasserhaus

wasser 2

it’s like a Smurf village for humans!!

wasser 1

but everything we did wasn’t juss fatrsy artsy culture stuff

of course we hit up grocery stores to see what was a brewin’

tiroler alm

although we actually did try this – Almdudler –  which is basically Austrian ginger ale – and once bitten, forever smitten


and apparently gefilte aint just for fishes.  it’s a thing, but I guess they go with the less Jewish ‘gefüllte’ which translates to ‘stuffed’.  but however it’s spelled, I’m g’scared of anything gefilted/gefüllted


then it was off to check out the famous Naschmarkt 

where there’s kraut by the barrel!!!


oh, you think we forgot to go to McDonalds, and McLook at their McMenü?


or miss seeing the Doc Brown Opera – 88 Meilen pro Stunde????

austrian doc brown

so long Austria, and Europe – never lose that old world Epcot charm, or the MUSTaches

horst lichter


Reality Czech

we were stuffed and no longer Hungray, then decided to Czech out…


the city is actually called Praha, but is somehow called Prague.  never quite understood why we change the names of places that already have a name, but I didn’t invent English, and am happy that most people in big cities around the globe speak English, so I no complainsz.  also makes ordering McDonalds much easier

yep, McDonalds.  me and the wife broke down and had to try their fried cheese balls.  and Burger King’s too!!!  AND THEY WERE ha-mazing.  not sure why these aren’t sold in America(/Philadelphia), considering we love cheese AND fried things!!!

#ČzechingOut all the local cheese ball delicacies

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in the same mall eatery there was a place that grabbed our attention

la finger food

but the finger food didn’t grab out appetite

finger food 2

so American that Bay Watch plate!!!  (it’s about $4)

finger food 3

sadly Czech people don’t speak and spell like Hungarians, so no szósz here :(

szó many szószes, szó little time #PriceČzechOnAisle5

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but they do have their own fun-named foods


and strange candy that isn’t really all that strange

candy everyone wants

and unbelievably beautiful and tasty breads

this bread is ŠOOOO šo tasty, and only costs 15¢

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and some sort of cheese bread thing!!!

chees bread thing

and meats meats meats!!! like this meat platter at the lovely Café Savoy!

savoy meat plate

and four of the best things I ate on my trip (AND IN LIFE!!!!) were from Prague…

cabbage pancakes from Mlejnice!!

cabbage pancakes are the new any other kind of pancakes!!! #ČzechPlease

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steak tartare on toast!!!

steak tartare bread

+ wide noodles in mushroom sauce, both from Vinohradský parlament!!!

wide noodles

and this hamburger from Naše maso.  OMG!!! who knew non-Americans could take us to burger heaven???!!!


there was also PLENTY of beer done dranken!!!!

but we did pass on the plastic 2 liter bottle of beer

2l beer

and we didn’t try this, cause we’d be f$%king ourselves by doing so

claššy drinkš

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ok, ok, enuff with the food and drink stuffs already, and on with the seeing stuffs!

like the crazy gothic castle on the hill!!

castle prague

where the reverse view is equally as majestic

prague castle hill view

anywho – on top of the castle hill – there’s crazy beautiful church!

(p)raise the roof part II

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and the lanes are golden!

golden lane

and so are the palaces!

palace prague

hey look, I’m an annoying tourist!


back on the other side, in the old town, there’s plenty else to see

like a bunch of old synagogues, which are now mainly museums

(p)raise the roof

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since tons of Jews left Europe, if they were lucky

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and their main town square is the stuff dreams are made of


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and architecture that runs the gamut of now and zen


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another purty café!

Art Decoveau

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even the subway was stylin’!!

čonnecting the dotš…

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and so be their shoe stores!!

need me all of these @botas66 shoes. send money, or a Čzech in the mail. OK thanks!

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and this arcade mall place!!!

downside up

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and even their movie posters are cool cause they’re not in English!

some kinds of wonderful

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where inspiration can be found for one and all, right Wes?

goodbye Prague/Praha. you were grand, but it's time to #ČzechOut :( #TheGrandBudapestHotel

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and we made new friends…

like graphic designer Pavel!!

who designed this amazing poster that hangs in my abode!!!!!!!!


and a cartoony creature that now rivals Chip n’ Dale for our hearts…


Krtek / Krteček!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ok, we done here, Czech please!

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