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Well Worthington Long-Gone-Fellows

just looked at the VERY NSFWAMAZINGCRAZYSLASHBEAUTIFUL Internet K-Hole for the first time in 9ever, and it’s still the fcuking greatestest, even if it’s barely updated  (btw, check out this interview with the site’s creator)

I herspecially love any pics from 80s Disneyworldland, cause if I had a time machine, that’s where I’d go in the 80s

khole song of south

anywho, seeing the above picture got me wondering – did Disneylandworld do away with their Song of the South characters, considering that that that film is kinda basically is racist?

GUESS WHAT????!?@!@#?!#<! Disneylandworld do does this limited thymes thing called ‘Long Lost Disney Friends‘ where they bring back some belovedededed ye olde awesome characters to the park so people can be happy… for a limited thyme!!!!





song south

disney friends robin

ducks dinsey

horace horsecaller

pincoclllohioo baddies

disney pigz

amazing.  my childhood and yours will never die


Brought Me To My Dis-Knees

hadn’t really thought about The Mickey Mouse Club and the Mouseketeers for ages.  then bam, Annette passes on, and then I start to remember - remember that in my youths I used to watch reruns of the ’50s version on the Disney Channel (cause there’s nothing better than old Disney stuffs!), and sure, I remember that Annette was the most popular of the Mousers, but I remember that she definitely wasn’t the one that struck my prepubescent fancy…

yep, my gal was Doreen

Doreen Tracey!! 

and little did I know that her lil sweater puppies would grow into this!!!

which instantly elevates her to greatest Disney hottie cutie hottie hottttress ever!!!

yep, even sirpassing my beloved chipmunk Clarice

who set me on a path of loving ladies with chipmunk faces 9ever


Girl, You’ll Be A Woman Toon

dude, Meg from Paperman is so hotttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you’ve been put on notice Josie, you cat of pussy



Wreck-It Ralph
8-Bit o’ Honey
Official Website | Trailers & Mo
PG | 101 min

Wreck-It Ralph may not eggzactly be the gemmiest of the Pixar gems [editor's note - turns out this ISN'T a Pixar pic, but a straight-up Disney toon!], but I can’t think of another Pixar toon or any toon for that matter that totally & specifically appealed to me and my endless lust of childhood nostalgia.  Sure, Toy Story is the gold standard of such days gone by but never forgottens, but arcades and video games tickle my ye olde fancy much mores so than Mr Potato Head and that Slinky dog could ever (mainly cause Star Wars & GI Joe action figures were my fav toys and they weren’t really allowed to play with Woody & Buzz).  And while the story of Ralph is all over the place AND THE ARCADE, and at times, a bit too much for the eyes, I was STILL totally game for the gaming being gamed!!!!!  It’s true!  Level passed!

And you know how these modern studio cartoons lean heavily on famous actors to voice the characters and it can be REALLLLLLLLY distracting cause you can’t lose yerself in these characters cause all you can hear and think of is the famous person voicing them?  WELL, that is NOT the case with Ralphy as John C ReillyJack McBrayerJane Lynch and Alan Tudyk (AMAZING!) all disappear behind their 8-bit alter egos with such ease that it’s such easy listening!  And even moist incredible of incredibles is the work that Sarah Silverman done does as the Powerpuffy lil girl Vanellope von Schweetz.  We aint a huge fan of the SS, but NOW WE IS CAUSE SHE SO PERFECT AS THE SWEET AND VICIOUS VANELLOPE WHO MAY LIKE BE ONE OF THE MOST FUN FEMALE DISNEY CHARACTERS SINCE LIKE (Miss Bianca?) EVER!  These are truths!

Plus there’s all kinds of awesome video game cameos, INCLUDING THE TAPPER DUDE FROM TAPPER!!!!!  AND EVEN SOME LOVE FOR THE CONTRA SECRET EXTRA MAN CODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   But no love for the kid from The Wizard with the Power Glove??????????????????????????????????????????

Verdictgo: Jeepers Worth A Peepers

Ralph 1-ups itself at a theater near jews

and until next thyme the balcony is clothed…

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