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eat all the dogs you want this weekend

you deserve it for all your labors


Weak & Spell

something special is going on with this instagram

i mean spicial!

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Bento Litter Box

sushi cat 2
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ネコずしとは / What is ‘Neko-Sushi’?

Neko-Sushi is an extremely unusual life-form consisting of a cat on top of a portion of sushi rice. Although several references have come down to us through history from various researchers and witnesses, their existence is still shrouded in mystery and actual sightings remain rare. There are several academics who have devoted their lives to the study of  these creatures. According to a number of these, Neko-Sushi make use of gaps in space to come to us from an alternate dimension. Beyond these “gaps” lies the world of the Neko-Sushi in which, it is recently understood, lies the true identity of the cats that dwell with us here in the human dimension

禅とネコずし / Zen and Sushi Cats

We know the rule of Sushi – fish on top of rice.  On the other hand we know the rule cats eat fish. Cats sit on rice, where fish is supposed to be – why? Contradiction and mystery in this world is always center of the cryptic questions among Japanese zen monks. And this is another Zen question -why Cats sit on rice instead of fish, not eating them? – the great zen question, which proves the magical power of Sushi Cats

sushi cats


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Scooper Pooper

merry Zeptember everyone!!!

dog help

be sure to clean up after yo-self

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