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Honorable Discharge

elle evans blackman

honorblackman goldfingfer

Elle Evans as Honor Blackman as Pussy Galore in Goldfinger by Art Streiber


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yep, a new Bond movie (Skyfall) = a new set of Bond girls to fap to!



Naomie Harris



Bérénice Marlohe


Clair Dowar MP

Helen McCrory


Vanessa (M’s Assistant)

Elize du Toit


Bond’s Beach Lover

Tonia Sotiropoulou


Floating Dragon Cashier

Yennis Cheung


M’s Inquiry Assistant

Dominique Anne Jones


Commuter (uncredited)

Amber Elizabeth


London Whitehall Commuter (uncredited)

Senem Temiz



Nichola Fynn



Javier Bardem



Ben Whishaw


Let It Lazenby

Best Bond Girl

Best Bond Plot

Breast Bond Leaning

you realize James Bond got married in this movie, and he was never happier, EVER, and then like THAT, the honeymoon was OVER!!!!!

this movie is On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, and it’s the best James Bond movie, EVER

AND IT HAS CURLING IN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Projection Erections

Goldfinger‘s opening title sequence is the very first title sequence to enter MoMA’s collection, as a design work in its own right.  DAMN RIGHT, YO!

scenes from the film were projected strategically onto hottie Margaret Nolan‘s never quitting body.  Nolan played Dink in the film.  She had her ass slapped in one of the best ass slaps in movie history

designer and art director Robert Brownjohn conceived, designed, and directed the title sequence.  he also did the title sequence for the preceding Bond flick – From Russia With Love

so what’s the next title sequence to make it into the MoMA?  hmmm, how about anything Saul Bass ever done did???


– more photos from the title sequence set

– official Margaret Nolan Website

– IFC picked The 50 Greatest Opening Title Sequences of All Time

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