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Three Is The Tragic Number

Jasmine Tridevil is a woman who got a 3rd breast implant and films her daily life in Tampa to show the struggles she faces because of her surgery

3 boobs

3 boobs 2

Snopes says false

we say Total thReecalll!!!

total-recall 3 breast

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Diss Me Cates

that one time Phoebe Cates became ugly

cates normal

cates in motion

cates super fug

cates ugly

at the Beaumont Modeling Building in New York City, July 31, 1979. photos by Ron Galella


Donna Martin Coagulates

and the scariest magazine photo that I’ve ever did done seen remains this David LaChapelle pic of Tori Spelling from the September 1993 issue of Details Magazine

tori spelling details

and apparently Tori agrees…

LaChapelle pushes his celebrity subjects into caricaturing their carefully tended images. The results range from stunning to grotesque. Tori Spelling-made up to look like a cross between a prostitute and a prom queen-was so distraught during her shoot that she ran to the bathroom in tears [NY Mag]



the best movies are the ones that permanently instill images on yer brain for life, but sometimes the images are not eggzactly things you really want imprinted on yer brain for life, even of the movie is phenomenal

take Oliver Stone’s BRILLIANT and jarring JFK for example.  and no, we’re not talking about the endless shots of our 35th President getting plugged in the head, back and to the left, repeat, repeat, repeat.  wees talking about the gayest and creepiest gayest and scariest gayest scene in a movie that we’ve ever did done did seen…



this is the orgy scene where Clay Shaw (Tommy Lee Jones) and David Ferrie (Joe Pesci) and ‘Willie O’Keefe’ (Kevin Bacon) get all Barry Lyndon and FTD florist guy dressed up and do blow and blow each other, and it remains THE gayest AND creepiest gayest AND scariest gayest scene in a movie that we’ve ever EVER EVVVVVVVVER done did did seen, ever.  we saw this when we were 14 and haven’t seen anything creepyscarygayer than this, AND DON’T WANT TO (although we did walk out of Fellini’s Satyricon, which was plenty gay, but we walked out of the movie mainly cause it sucks).  in fact, if I WERE gay (we’re actually only 1/16th gay IRL), I’d probably keep myself from being gay cause this JFK orgy scene scared me straight fo life.  hooray for boobs!

lesson? no idea, but if I ever do run into a shirtless golden Tommy Lee Jones in my travels, I’m gonna slit my eyes out and cut off my penis


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