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Я You With Me?

Toys Я Us – you are not yet gone, and yet I already miss you.  I always have.  I miss my grandparents taking me there to pick out whatever I wanted for my birthday (Star Wars or GI Joe figures).  I miss grabbing those price tickets to get the latest Nintendo or Sega Genesis game.  I miss going down EVERY single aisle and dreaming of having it all (like those small motorized cars that were always too much $$$).  I miss the opportunity to enter and win Nickelodeon’s Super Toy Run, which I never had a chance of winning – but I always held out hope that I would.  The store may soon be dead, but the dream and dreams will never be.  You will always be a part of me.  You Я!

much stolen from 2 Warps to Neptune


Past Present Perfect

I’m sorry all other birthday presents, but there aint gonna be nothing better than getting a Kenner Star Wars action figure (during the glory years of 1977-1985), as seen below at my 6th birthday party

me star wars toy

while I wouldn’t say that Return of the Jedi‘s Hammerhead figure was or is the world’s greatest, it is still 99.99999% more awesomeer than any toys made today. doesn’t hurt that he ole Hammerhead’s head looked like bacon. I always thought they should have named him Baconhead


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