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Devine Right

Disney animator Milt Kahl designed Robin Hood‘s Friar Tuck after Andy Devine, who voiced the character

here, Devine and Phil Harris, who voiced Little John, point to their characters.  This was the third screen pairing of Devine and Harris, after 1929’s Why Be Good? and 1940’s Buck Benny Rides Again

ps – if you didn’t know, Robin Hood is Disney’s greatest animated feature of all time!!!



Deer Lord

For 1942’s Bambi, Disney brought in live animals to help animators learn to draw realistic deer

From Disney’s Secret Archives



Pop(elka) Art

Czech poster for Cinderella

by Karel Vaca, 1970


Goof Positive

this polished design drawing of Goofy was created by a Disney artist in development of the opening portrait of the star seen in his cartoon series from 1940. It is likely one in a series of drawings created before the final iconic portrait was set. There are minor differences in this drawing and the final painting created by a Disney background artist that opens the Goofy cartoons beginning with Goofy’s Glider (1940)

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