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Thighs Wide Music 2014

somehow I got back into (newish) music this year.  I blame the Robyn Pandora station!!!  they made me remember that women singers are the bestest!!   annnnnnnnywho, here’s my year with music…


Spotifly A$$ Al Bumz


EP Ki-Yay, motherfcuker!

robyn royksopp

Röyksopp & Robyn’s Do It Again


Dear Lord, What Took Us So Long To Shoot Up?

lorde liftoff

Lorde’s Pure Heroine


Lana Del Ray ALL DAY

lana del rey

all her musics


Tunses For Toonces


‘K-Scope’ – Phil Manzanera | ‘Subdivisions’ – Rush‘Love In Every Moment’ – t.A.T.u.  | ‘Do It Again’ – Röyksopp & Robyn |  ‘Wolves’ – Marnie | ‘Computerized’ – Daft Punk and Jay Z | ‘Marilyn Monroe’ – Pharrell | ‘Team’ – Lorde | ‘Closer’ – Tegan and Sara | ‘Habit (Stay High)’ – Tove Lo | ‘Would You Fight For My Love?’ – Jack White | ‘Tomorrow Never Lies’ – Pulp | ‘Stumblin’ In’ – Chris Norman & Suzi Quatro  | ‘You Are My Sunshine’ – Yusuf Islam/Cat Stevens | ‘Mr Tembo’ – Damon Albarn | ‘Come On Down To My Boat’ – Every Mothers Son 

[d-lode all in one handy zip!!!!!]


They Lives!

Paul Simon & Sting @ Madison Square Garden

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 29th Induction Ceremony @ Barclays Center

Frankie Valli & ‘The Four Seasons’ @ NYCB Theatre at Westbury

Damon Albarn @ Irving Plaza

Robyn & Röyksopp JBL @ Live at Pier 97

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers + Steve Winwood @ Madison Square Garden

Lorde United @ Palace Theatre

Lily Allen @ Terminal 5

Robert Plant and The Sensational Space Shifters @ BAM Howard Gilman Opera House

Cat Stevens / Yusuf Islam @ Wang Theatre

Smokey Robinson @ Barclays Center


Take That! And This!

Check Your Head Checked


never 5get Jimmy McBride – Boston Cab Driver – MTV Gabber




bye bye love

bye bye hammer time

bye bye ear raider

paul revere

bye bye tree hugger

bye bye Hair poster maker!!!

bye bye Shaggy DJ

casey kasem

bye bye you saxy mutherfucker

bye bye creamy third

things we like bruce


bye bye friend helper

joe cocker


and here’s what we stuffed in the past



I Don’t Second That Emotion

Smokey Robinson
Barclays Center
December 11th

smokey robinson barclays

It’s no miracle that Smokey Robinson STILL sounds like good ol’ Smokey Robinson (or that he can rock a green outfit from neck to toe AND look simply amazing), but it is a absolute sin that I walked away from his concert dissatisfied. Yes, he played the sure-fire hits, and yes, they sounded great, but he only played 14 tunes in total, and 3 were shortened into a quickie Temptations medley. Where was ‘Shop Around’ or ‘Going To A Go Go’ or ‘Mickey’s Monkey’? Smokey was too busy padding time with pointless stories and jokes that a 6 year old could make. How could such a gifted writer have no gift for gab? And even if he did, why bother when there’s plenty more music he could have done sung? How could a Smokey Robinson concert not be amazing? That’s like an anti-miracle. And how could he have written the song ‘Love Bath’? It’s so gross that I need to take a hate shower after hearing it

SetlistBeing With You / I Second That Emotion / You Really Got a Hold on Me / Quiet Storm / Ooh Baby Baby / Temptations Medley – The Way You Do the Things You Do / Get Ready / My Girl / The Tears of a Clown / Fly Me to the Moon (Kaye Ballard cover) / Love Bath / That Place / The Tracks of My Tears / Cruisin’


40 Meg-A-Ton

Meg White is 40!!!!!!!!!!!

and still missing

although I did find some recentishish pictures of her…

like this one from 2014 of this girl and her dad (WHO IS THIS GUY????) and ‘girlfriend’ Meg(!!!!!!!!)

meg white 2014 today

and how bout…

this picture of her from April(?) 2013

meg white 2013 today



Cat/Yusuf Scratch Fever

Cat Stevens / Yusuf Islam
Wang Theatre
December 7th

cat stevens boston

Dude, CAT FCUKING STEVENS. Dude, YUSUF FCUKING ISLAM. Whatever his name is, he may be a changed man, but the song/voice/soul/words remain the same – AMAZINGS!!!!! We’ve know his work for years, and were reminded of his genius by seeing Harold & Maude + Wes Anderson movies, but he’s always seemed so out of reach. Probably cause he hasn’t toured America since 1976. 19-SEVENTY-FCUKING-SIX!!!! I WASN’T EVEN BORN THEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, got the rare chance to see him, when he was inducted to the RnR HoF, and after taking in his tiny 3 song set, I wasn’t juss thirsty for more, I was on life support for more!!!! Had to see him again, in full. HAD TO!!! Europe and elsewhere had been lucky. He’d been touring there and there for awhile, and yet, still no US dates. That changed this fall when he announced a handful of North American dates. NY was originally on the docket, and then it wasn’t (something about paperless tickets, and NY not allowing it), and so I had to see him, ANYWHERE. Boston became the choice, and OH MAN OH MAN OH MAN OH MAN, it was a Boston revolution!!!! I was having a teabagging party for one – putting Cat’s balls in my mouth and sucking it all in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dude, Cat was like – listen to the wind of my soul. And we listened to the wind of his soul!!! And every time he did, I kept seeing this picture of him!!! Oh man, this 1st cut was the deepest. SO DEEP!! And so was the 2nd, and 3rd and billionth!!! I’ll always love you, CAT!!! Maybe I don’t love you. LIES!!! Man, all kinds of children play in his yard, but where do they play? Oh wait, he answered that. He loves his dog. I LOVE HIM!!! TRAPPED!!! Like a cat and a dog, in the old schoolyard. Remember those days? Cat does. We don’t, but he makes us remember. People got ready. They sung out, sung out. Boy did they. THEY ATE IT UP. Who wouldn’t. 1976 to now is like a forever

Everyone has a big boss, man, causing trouble, but set me free trouble!!! Cat’s old, but oh very young. Cat’s dying to live but living to die. STAY WITH US CAT!! Keep casting your moonshadow, as you are our sunshine. You make us foreigners feel like heaven, where our true love goes. Man, this world is wild. None of his cuts would end up on the editing floor. He gets the blues, and we get the chills. It’s not another Saturday night. It’s a SUNDAY TO REMEMBER. In fact, December 7th – a concert that will live in AWESOMEly!!! Why did the night have to end? Morning wanted to break, but he had to board the Peace Train, as it was heading to the next stop, for another father and son to cherish

The train is miles from anywhere, and nowhere. It made Lisa sad, but everyone was beyond happy

Cat, come back. Trains make more than one repeat stop, don’t they?

I mean, I still need to hear you play ‘Matthew & Son’

Set 1 – The Wind / Here Comes My Baby / The First Cut Is the Deepest / Thinking ‘Bout You / Sitting / Last Love Song / All Kinds of Roses / Where Do the Children Play? / I Love My Dog / Cat and the Dog Trap / (Remember the Days of the) Old Schoolyard / People Get Ready (Curtis Mayfield cover) / If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out

Set 2 – Big Boss Man (Jimmy Reed cover) / Trouble / Oh Very Young / Dying to Live (Edgar Winter cover) / Moonshadow / You Are My Sunshine (Jimmie Davis cover) / Foreigner Suite – Heaven – Where True Love Goes / Wild World / Editing Floor Blues / Another Saturday Night (Sam Cooke cover) / Morning Has Broken / Peace Train / Father and Son

Encore – Miles from Nowhere / Sad Lisa

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