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Everybody Knew – He Was Our Man

Peace The Forks Out


Leonard Cohen


my relationship with Leonard Cohen began with a 1990 film that left quite an impression on me then, and forever – Pump Up The Volume.  Within the opening minute of the film, a young and super cool Christian Slater leans into a microphone and says…

Down to business. I got my Wild Cherry Diet Pepsi, and uh, I got my Black Jack gum here! And I got that feeling. Mmm, yeah that familiar feeling? That something rank is going on out there

Slater then applies a needle to a record, and my ears would never be the same…


oh wait, here’s another song by this guy in the movie!  this song and that voice are JUST AS INCREDIBLE!!!!

I ran out and bought the soundtrack – and yet NEITHER song was on the album.  my heart sank.  sure, there was a Concrete Blonde cover of ‘Everybody Knows’ on the disc, but that was no consolation to me.  I NEEDED those two songs, but this was a pre-internet time – with no easy mp3ing as an option, and for some reason, I was stifled in finding a CD that contained both of these songs.   ARRRRGH!!!

Four years later, in 1994, I found myself in a Tower Records in Tel Aviv, Israel, and there was a Leonard Cohen CD containing both songs!!  FINALLY!!!  Alas, they were live concert versions, but they would do.  Anything would do in order to get my ears back to those songs, without having to hire Christian Slater as my personal DJ

And that’s when my Leonard Cohen loved blossomed even more, and has never stopped blossoming.  I even nudged my parents into the grip that Leonard can wean on any ears he enters.  This was an odd twist – as my parents’ love of 50s and 60s music greatly influenced my musical upbringing and tastes, and here I am, influencing them on something they probably should have known about well before I was even on this earth, but better late than never, for all of us.  And mom has always been appreciative of the introduction, and as a Leonard convert, she would try to influence others to fall under his spell too

Now if only the guy who hadn’t been on tour since 1993 would tour…


And of course I had to be there – May 16th, 2009 at Radio City Music Hall – and of course it was amazing, BUT, when it was time for ‘If It Be Your Will’ – he let his backing singers sing the lead, and I was thighly disappointed – cause I NEEDED to hear him sing it live, but hey, I at least heard him sing ‘Everybody Knows’ live, and many many other of his great songs!

And of course my mom (and dad) needed to see him, and so I gladly saw him again with them – December 18th, 2012 at Madison Square Garden – and of course it was amazing again, and of course he let his backing singers sing lead on ‘If It Be Your Will’

I guess it was his will for me to never hear him sing it live, but I can hardly complain – as Leonard Cohen and his music was a part of my life, and even after he lost his life, he and his music will remain with me, and us all

I think it’s time for me to watch Pump Up The Volume again.  It will be my will



Spoke & Mirrors

Barclays Center
October 25th

Sia later #ElasticFart

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Sia isn’t quite herself, because she doesn’t want to be herself, and usually wants someone else to be her.  She’s written a slew of hit songs for other chart topping artists, and even made hits for herself, and even even made hits that were meant for other people, but they rejected the songs, and so their awesomeness reverted back to her.  If you’ve seen any music video of hers, you know that she’s nowhere to be seen and makes you seek her in the form of other people acting out as her

So what would a Sia concert be like?  Would she hide?  What would we see(k)?

Well, if you have seen those music videos, the live show is essentially the same thing, except she’s on stage, in the shadows singing along, while performers play her part in the foreground.  But is it really her singing?  Or is it a stand-in?  And with the videos on screen mimicking what’s on stage, are the performers even themselves?  It’s highly doubtful Paul Dano, Tig Notaro, Maddie Ziegler, Kristen Wiig, Gaby Hoffman and the GREAT Ben Mendelsohn are actually touring with her, and so whatever is actually going on, on stage – live or staged, is a sight to be seen.  Obviously, the sounds are definitely to be heard!

What’s real and what isn’t may be up for debate, but all I can say is I’d Sia her again.  Sia now, and Sia LATER!!

SetlistAlive / Diamonds (Rihanna cover) / Reaper / Big Girls Cry / Bird Set Free / One Million Bullets / Cheap Thrills / Soon We’ll Be Found / Fire Meet Gasoline / Elastic Heart / Unstoppable / Breathe Me / Move Your Body / Titanium (David Guetta cover) / Chandelier

EncoreThe Greatest

I let @siathisisacting be the rhythm tonight #MoveYourBody #SiaLater

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Them & The Holograms

Tidal X 10/15
Barclays Center
October 15th

I know nothing of modern music.  I was born too late to be a teen rocking out to the music of the 60s that I truly love and live for.  But here I am, in the twenty first würst century and I want to know what the kids are into.  I’ve tried to tune into the MTV Video Music Awards year after year, but I quickly tune out after realizing that this is not my cup of tea’s nutz.  Well, Jay-Z’s Tidal streaming service held a 2nd annual Tidal night of musicness, and I said, well, my wife and I like that one DNCE song, and I’ve never seen Beyoncé live, so why the hell not!

We didn’t arrive on time, so we missed probably the one and only time we’d hear Robin Thicke play live (unless he ever decides to tour with his divorced parents), and we left early, cause 4 hours may work for Bruce Springsteen, but it doesn’t work for me, so we missed out on Alicia Keys (who I had sorta heard live once before), but what we got was A LOT!!!!  Look at all these names!!!!


Who are 1/2 of the people?  I think that’s the point, and I did really enjoy all the ones who actually played an instrument – cause you could actually hear what they were playing.  Stand outs in my mind were Kevin Garrett and Emeli Sandé.  The other acts were mainly rappers, and were too loud and distorted to understand, or enjoy

As for DNCE?  WAY NICE!!!!  They were rocking!  Did I ever think I’d say that about a Jonas brother?  Well, I didn’t ever think about a lot of things, but sometimes life hands you lemons and Jonas brother bands that are actually way rocking!!

and while it was nice to see Lauryn Hill, alive, performing, and showing up in general, the showstopping showstopper of the evening was whatever Beyoncé was doing with those holograms.  Sh!t was TIGHT, and confusing, and led me to believe that maybe seeing holograms in concert, in the future, isn’t necessarily the würstest thing

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