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He Got By With A Little Help From His Friends

the other Beatles visited Ringo Starr at the University College Hospital today and one of them found that Ringo’s voice had changed slightly since his tonsils were removed Wednesday. Starr, 24, drummer of the singing group clutched his throat and said, ‘It hurts when I laugh.’ Beatle George Harrison quipped ‘You do talk a bit funny.’ Ringo’s nasal tones were said to be a little clearer now than before the surgery

photos dated December 5, 1964


Something So Special, Something So Real

Jessie Reyez
The Bowery Ballroom
November 28

There is just something about Jessie Reyez.  She commanded everyone’s attention with a brief, but brilliant stint at the Tidal X marathon concert back in October, and I wanted MORE, and so I got it – in 45 glorious moments at the Bowery Ballroom.  The crowd was more her age than mine, and they seemed to know every single one of her songs… even the unreleased ones.  This even came as a surprise to Ms Reyez herself.  It was zero surprise how fresh and fantastic her show was, which alternated between roaming and rapping the stage, to sitting on a stool and strumming, while everyone hummed and hollered along, loving EVERY single minute of it all!!!!!    

Man, love this girl.  Her future is so bright, but next time, I want 90 minutes of show!

@JessieReyez is the truth, yo!

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Setlist – Phone Calls / Shutter Island / F#ck Being Friends / Hard to Love / Cocoa Butter Kisses (Chance the Rapper cover) / Colombian King & Queen / Gatekeeper / Figures

Encore – F#ck It / Blue Ribbon / Happy Birthday

crowd surfing will never die. long live @JessieReyez!

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Sean Lennon and Michael Jackson, at the Hoyt-Schermerhorn subway station in Brooklyn, where the music video for ‘Bad’ was shot, November 28, 1986

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It’s Sorta Him, Babe

Bob Dylan
Mavis Staples
Beacon Theatre
November 21

I never wanted to see Bob Dylan.  I respect Bob Dylan, but I’m not a giant fan, and everyone always said how awful he was in concert anywayz.  But when Tom Petty died, I was like, OK, let’s not mess around here – Bob aint gonna live forever (and probably has already lived longer than any of us have ever thought he would) – and I need to see him before he goes.  HAVE TO!

To my surprise, a Bob Dylan show is wholly and udderly musically enjoyable.  His band is incredible!  And Bob totally seems with it, switching between piano jangling, and straight-up crooning, with a microphone stand in hand.  And shockingly, he sounds like Bob Dylan!  The problem?  He’s not singing the Bob Dylan songs the way that the Bob Dylan songs sound, or at least on how they are suppose to sound.  Also, he didn’t play guitar, AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF BOB????  Look, he’s earned the right to do whatever he wants to do with his music, and while I’m not a deep Dylan catalog guy, the songs I knew that he played, I could barely recognize.  Oh, that was ‘Tangled Up In Blue’?  FOOLED ME!!!

Still, it had to be done. And while the concert was nice, it almost felt more like a chore, which I can now add a giant check mark next to…  

see Dylan before he dies

Real best part of the show?  Opener Mavis Staples.  Long security line made me miss 2 of her 7 songs played, but the 5 she beautifully belted made me wish that she was the headliner, and Dylan the opener

@mavisstaples did it. she took us there. she really did

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Dylan Setlist – Things Have Changed / It Ain’t Me, Babe / Highway 61 Revisited / Why Try to Change Me Now (Cy Coleman cover) / Summer Days / Melancholy Mood (Frank Sinatra cover) / Honest With Me / Tryin’ to Get to Heaven / Once Upon a Time (Tony Bennett cover) / Pay in Blood / Tangled Up in Blue / Soon After Midnight / Early Roman Kings / Full Moon and Empty Arms (Frank Sinatra cover) / Desolation Row / Thunder on the Mountain / Autumn Leaves(Yves Montand cover) / Love Sick’

Encore – Blowin’ in the Wind / Ballad of a Thin Man

it’s sorta him, babe

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Tower Shower of Song

CBS Radio program, National Amateur Night promotes a contest to discover Americas greatest bathtub singer. Pictured is swimsuit model, Karen Benson. image dated  – November 14, 1935, New York, NY

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