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Willkommen In Me Pants

first look at Emma Stone as Sally Bowles in Cabaret

emma stone cab

this, again and 9ever. PRAISE PEABSUS!!!

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McBride & Prejudice

never 5get Jimmy McBride – Boston Cab Driver – MTV Gabber

jimmy mcbride

even mo spots on Donal Logue’s site

Yapping Cabbie – Jimmy Mcbride Adds Gross To MTV’s Domestic Product

‘jimmy will live again!’ – Donal Logue


What Is and What Should Always Be

Robert Plant and The Sensational Space Shifters
BAM Howard Gilman Opera House
September 27th

plant bam

Knock another off my list – sorta – as Robert Plant has now been seen and heard by me, before he or I die (I totally biffed and missed the boat and should have seen the Plant/Page tour in the mid 90s). And while the lion in winter (looking guy) still has a spring in his summery step and vocal chords – and rawked our frucking socks off – I still can’t help but wonder – if he’s cool with singing Led Zep songs, why isn’t it cool for him to reunite with Page and JPJones and sing Led Zep songs with them???? IT MAKES NO SENSE. OK, OK, so maybe he likes making new music with other people and play those songs (which sound like songs sung by Robert Plant), but the people want the Bonham-less trio back together and back on the road. It would literally be the biggest tour on planet earth (outside of an ABBA or a Talking Heads reunion). WHY CAN’T THIS BE??? WHY ROBERT, WHY????????????? IF ONLY JOHN PAUL JONES HAD NAKED PICTURES OF ROBERT PLANT THAT HE COULD BLACKMAIL HIM INTO REUNITING AND TOURING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or maybe the iCloud bandit can make a fappening threat of Robert Plant naked selfies and LED ZEP COULD BE RAWKING THE WORLD AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! People, we need to find Plant nudie pics – STAT!!!

SetlistPoor Howard / Thank You / Turn It Up / Black Dog / Rainbow / Going to California / A Stolen Kiss / What is and What Should Never Be / No Place to Go / Babe, I’m Gonna Leave You / Fixin’ to Die / Whole Lotta Love

Encore Nobody’s Fault But Mine / Little Maggie

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