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Vive la Franz!

Franz Ferdinand
Brooklyn Steel
April 16

Best band of the 21st century?  I say Franz Ferdinand are.  I keep forgetting this fact, and then every 2-3 years they come back into my life and BOOOM – I remember how thick I am, and how much they fucking rule!

Gone is guitarist Nick McCarthy, but besides his good kicks and looks, the Archdukes didn’t miss a beat on their latest franztastic album – Always Ascending – or supporting it live at Brooklyn Steel, a venue new to me, but one I’d be happy to return to.  The only tiny misstep is that they didn’t play my new album fav ‘Lois Lane‘, which was featured at the show the night before.  Can’t win them all, but Franz Ferdinand wins me each and every time!

Setlist – Always Ascending / The Dark of the Matinee / Do You Want To / Paper Cages / Glimpse of Love / Finally /
Michael / Lazy Boy / Stand on the Horizon / Walk Away / The Academy Award / Darts of Pleasure / Take Me Out / Ulysses

Encore – Feel the Love Go / The Fallen / Huck and Jim / This Fire


New Zealand Homemade Dynamite

Barclays Center
April 4

Praise be Lorde.  Praise be we who bask in her brilliance.  Two albums deep, with the latest somehow surpassing her supreme debut.  My second-ish time seeing her, and she easily topped the previous outing.  How do you do it Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O’Connor?  You’re wise beyond your ears.  All the pop princesses of your age are so, but not you.  You seem like you are forever.  You seem like you could even front Nirvana (oh wait, YOU DID!! AND I WAS THERE TO WITNESS SUCH AWESOMENESS!).  How do you let things come out of the woodwork, and make them work so well?  May you only get green lights in life, and have no red ones to stop you

Setlist – Sober / Homemade Dynamite / Tennis Court / Magnets (Disclosure cover) / Buzzcut Season / 400 Lux / Ribs / The Louvre / Hard Feelings / Yellow Flicker Beat / Writer in the Dark / New York > Hard Feelings (St. Vincent cover with Jack Antonoff) / Liability (with Jack Antonoff) / Sober II (Melodrama) / Supercut / Royals / Perfect Places / Green Light

Encore – Loveless / Precious Metals / Team


The Road To Melville

Rough Trade NYC
March 21

Congrats Moby, with this show (at this super AWESOME venue, to celebrate the release of your solid new album), you have now tied Beck for the artist I’ve seen most in concert – with 10 shows apiece!!!  Looking forward to the next 10.  As you would say, I would like to say to you – thank you, thank  you, thank you!

Setlist – Mere Anarchy / The Middle Is Gone / Falling Rain and Light / Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad? / Porcelain / This Wild Darkness / The Tired and the Hurt / The Last of Goodbyes / A Dark Cloud Is Coming / The Sorrow Tree / The Ceremony of Innocence / Like a Motherless Child / Extreme Ways / South Side / Natural Blues / Whole Lotta Love (Led Zeppelin cover) / Go! / We Are All Made of Stars / Almost Home


Mind Over Shatter

portrait of Stan Kenton and Buddy Childers, Richmond, Virginia, 1947 or 1948

by William P Gottlieb


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