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The Holiday Road More Traveled

Rustyed Roots
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R | 99 min

vacation 2015

When you see 2015’s Vacation you automatically don’t expect it to eclipse or come even close to what 1983’s National Lampoon’s Vacation is or was.  Then again, when you see a comedy in 2015, or pretty much any time you saw a comedy this century, it has rarely been anything remotely comparable to what  made those classic 80s comedy classics.  That golden era is way over.  Comedy has changed, not so much evolved, perhaps even devolved (blame Sandler), but I personally do not expect much from a comedy in this day in age (or expect much of anything from anything!).  DAMN YOU 21st CENTURY!!!! YOU BLOW GOATS!!!!  The exceptions have been exceptional, but I can count them on my toes – The (two) Trips, Borat y Brüno, Death At A Funeral (the Caucasian version), Napoleon Dynamite, and the Jackass series.  It’s a sad state of affairs for a genre that’s suppose to be funny.  Well, the new Vacation is NOT joining that list, but…

They made a new Vacation, and of course we had to see it, and kinda have to admit – was even a little excited for it.  Love me some Ed Helms, and the thought of him playing a grown-up Rusty Griswold seemed like the right idea… and that is certainly the case here (plus you juss KNEW he was going to sing, and I love him singings).  Sure, he’s no (vintage) Chevy Chase, but who is?  No one.  So throw that dumb thought out.  And what about Christina Applegate as the modern day Beverly D’Angelo?  Works for me, and the movie too!  Throw in two kids with mostly thankless roles (Skyler Gisondo + Steele Stebbins), a silly vehicle, grand ole American destinations, and you have – a road trip movie with enuff jokes and sight gags (mostly dumb ones) to make me laugh, early and often.  YES, there’s stuff in there that doesn’t work/isn’t funny (the Four Corners cops especially), but co-writers/directors John Francis Daley (yeah, that awkward looking kid from Freaks & Geeks) and Jonathan Goldstein do a good enuff job to not blow out the tires on the Griswolds’ latest batch of screen fun

Yep, the new Vacation is totally NOT awful.  It’s totally no 1983 Vacation, but it’s its own modern comedy thing, and while none of us will probably be quoting it 30 years from now, I’d be fine with another Vacation three years from now with Helms at the helm… but only if they replace their kids with other actors.  Not cause they aint any good at acting, but juss cause, you know

ps – it blew my mind when I later in life found out that it was the dude from Fleetwood Mac who sang ‘Holiday Road‘ (which obviously was used in the new movie).  czech out the original video for it.  super 80s strange! (they also don’t make music vids like they used to either!)

Verdictgo: Jeepers Worth A Peepers

Vacation hits the road at a theater near jews today

and until next thyme the balcony is clothed…


Get On The Huss

never 5get – Toby Huss as faux Frank Sinatra – riffing and rhyming on current [1994] MTV hits

sinatra huss

huss sinatra


Toby Huss did plenty of other non-Sinatra MTV promos


was Artie The World’s Strongest Man on The Adventures of Pete & Pete!!!!!!!!!

artie pete n pete

and can now be seen on Halt & Catch Fire, which is a pretty damn fine show!

toby hass halt


Runaway Train, Never Goin’ Back

You Know She’s No Good, Cause She Was DAMN FINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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R | 128 min


Asif Kapadia‘s hard to digest/MUSSS digest documentary Amy has everything you’d want to know and everything you don’t want to know about how Ms Winehouse got big, then got too big for her own britches, then had her britches explode.  It was literally like watching a runaway train crash, and you know the exact time and location of when and where that runaway train gonna crash [actually saw it on the anniversary of her death date.  SPOOKY!!].  You shake your head at how incredible she was [was lucky to see her perform once!], and shake your head at how sad it is that she’s no longer with us.  You think she done herself in?  We all did her in.  How can we save ourselves when we can’t even save Amy Winehouse???

and watching the doc was eggzactly like this…

amy winehouse young

amy sings

drugs party

party drugs



amy fingers

old train wreck













Verdictgo: Breast In Show

Amy is housed currently at a theater near jews

and until next thyme the balcony is clothed…


Bros Before GMOs

Neil Young + Promise of the Real
Jones Beach
July 21th

neil young jones beach

Neil Young was one of those remaining guys high on my list of people to see before he or I die, and while I’ve had many chances in the past to see him, I kept kinda avoiding it, and apparently for no good reason.  F’reals, cause had I seen him a decade before, I probably would have seen him 10 times already.  YEP, Neil Young live is necessity!!!!  

But did I pick the right show to go to?  He’s supporting a new album (never fun when seeing old fogey musicians), and his backing band features two of Willie Nelson’s sons.  I don’t know them from Adam Nelson or his sons, but I assume they love farms and smoking dope.  Sounds like a match made for Neil Young.  And for me?  Well, their collaborative album – The Monsanto Years – was included with the price of admission [a practice I love!] – and is totally not bad!  It sounds like Neil Young, and he’s even angrier than ever!  The dude TOTALLY hates Monsanto, and Starbucks and WalMart and GMOs.  I try to ignore the ranting and juss enjoy the music, and not juss for Neil, but for all musics.  And live?  The album (and ranting) sounded great!  He could have been singing about how much he hates Popeyes Fried Chicken and it would have STILL fcuking RAWKED!!!

Plus the genius idea to play 5 BEYOND CLASSIC songs solo at the show’s beginning was blammmmmazin!!!

Plus he jammed the hell out of a BEYOND ROUSING 16 minute-ish version of ‘Down By The River’!!!!!  

16(ISHHHH) MINUTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and every second of it was ear-blowing!!!

But no ‘Cinnamon Girl’?  Hopefully he plays it once out of the next ten times I see him, GMOs or not

neil young gmos


Solo Neil – After the Gold Rush / Heart of Gold / Long May You Run / Old Man /Mother Earth (Natural Anthem)

with Promise of The RealHold Back the Tears / Out on the Weekend / Unknown Legend / Field of Opportunity / Wolf Moon / From Hank to Hendrix / Harvest Moon / Words (Between the Lines of Age) / Lookin’ for a Love / Winterlong / A Rock Star Bucks a Coffee Shop / People Want to Hear About Love / Big Box / A New Day for Love / Down by the River / Workin’ Man / Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere / Monsanto Years / If I Don’t Know / Love and Only Love

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