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Not Malo Meaning Bad But Malo Meaning Good

Raul Malo
City Winery
January 29th

In my family, I’m the vulture of culture, and usually dictate which movies and concerts we go to.  My wife excels at other things – like being beautiful and being an amazing cook, and even being funnier than I.  So it came with great shock and awe shucks that she turned me onto an incredible singer/songwriter that I never had the pleasure of hearing of, and hearing in general.  Ears, meet Raul Malo – a Cuban-American whose influences are wide-ranged, and whose voice is so grand and marvelous that it sends chills down my ears, to my spine and into my heart, where it hugs and tugs, and warms it song after song

We caught Mr Malo at the intimate City Winery, where all he brought was an acoustic guitar and that singular soul-shaking voice.  My oh myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!  It didn’t matter what he was singing, from his own solo catalog, to tunes from his band the Mavericks – it all ROCKED.  But where things really really REALLLY ROCKED were the covers her covered – doing justice and then some to the likes of Willie Nelson, SinatraHarry NilssonRoy Orbison and The Hollies.  I want to hear him cover every song ever!!!  EVER!!!!!!!  

Sign me up for mas Malo, por favor!


When Life Gives You Meadowlark Lemon, Make Meadowlark Lemonade

Peace The Forks Out


Frey Guy

glenn frey


Gruffy Loggia



The Stoned Temple Pilot



lemmy motorhead


The Voice of
Disney’s Robin Hood

disney robin hood



schinder one day at a time



Trapper John

Haskell Wexler

Vilmos Zsigmond

Dolph Schayes

Dave Henderson

Natalie Cole

the best Marchibroda ever!


the voice of Boba Fett

Ellsworth Kelly


a Mott the Hoopler

Lawrence Phillips

Ghostbusters Mayor

ghosbusters mayor

he was in Hitchock’s Rope – one of Hitch’s best movies!!!!

Bachelor Father daughter

that guy from All My Children

he North Faced the music

Céline Dion’s brother AND husband

Monte Irvin

hot pants mother

Last Survivor of 1906 San Francisco Earthquake!!!

Grizzly Adams!

grizzy adams

his book became Munich

Bee Gees Manager

wrote first ep of Star Trek + 1/2 of Logan’s Run

Oscar Campaign Publicist dude


Specials drummer

Motörhead drummer

Godfather casting director

inventor of the mini-skirt

Fletch’s editor

fletch Richard Libertini

she sang songs

he played a uke in Shallow Hal

Paris brothel lady

Jonestown attack survivor

some old actress

he was served

Norman Mailer’s ex-wife who he stabbed!

Cha Cha

Meadowlark Lemon

meadowlark lemondae meadowlark

Phi Slama Jama coach

Moore Dickie

Hot Rod Williams

a Butler bulldog

some Yankee

some Bullish guy

some American runner

some Soviet heavy

some boxer

that guy from The Lost Boys

lost boys 3

lost boys 2

lost boys

the Williams in Williams-Sonoma

she made room for daddy

Mr Staples

some country singer

Bill Parcells mentor

from a specific hospital

mini American Horror Story-er

Mr Robot

un-yummy Berger


you’re up next!!!!!!!

Ken Beatrice

so long everyone

eagles lebowsku


Bantha 8-Tracks

a long time ago, in a thighmaster family vehicle far far lame – we had an 8-track player, and we had the The Story of Star Wars 8-track, and it was awesome!!!

story of star wars 8 track

story of star wars

8 track back star wars story of star wars label 8 track star wars box





Wild Man Best

Woody Allen & the Eddy Davis New Orleans Jazz Band
Café Carlyle
December 14th

woody allen cafe carlyle

Sometimes you have to make your own New York dreams come true, and sometimes that means taking a Brinks truck to your bank, and unloading your savings account to see Woody Allen play the clarinet with his jazz buddies, at one of his Monday shows at the chez shwanky Café Carlyle.  You know this place was crazy chezy swanky cause there’s a ‘é’ in the venue’s name

And?????????????  It was worth EVERY penny (although the money you’re additional forced to spend on food would have been better used for 26 trips to Wendy’s, although the shrimp cocktail was off the heeeeezy) – to sit in a VERY intimate room (a napkin’s toss away from the Woodman, at any seat) and listen to the 80 year old geezer kick the jazzy ballistics

It’s a once in a lifetime experience you should experience if a) you love Woody and b) love the music often featured in his movies and c) want to sit in a room with Woody Allen 

May he live to be 80000000000000000!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOODY ALLEN = WILD MAN BEST!!!!! #OnlyInNewYork #BucketList #AlvySinger #JazzInMyPants

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