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Cups That Roll Solo

Gina Ekiss should win a Nobel LEAST Prize for creating the Solo / Sweetheart Cup Company ‘Jazz’ design

Gina Ekiss

jazz design

jazz shirts

jazz car

read the whole story of how the designer was found!

+ solojazz.tumblr.com

but screw that design, cause there’s no better cups than these grease resistant fry picture cups!

also by Solo

(but who designed it???)

fries 2fries 1

fries 3fries 5

which are ALMOS as amazing as them floral flowery weedy orange-brown-yellow wax paper cups from the 70s/80s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

orange cup

yep, that’s the best picture I could find, found thru a guy on reddit also looking for the same cup!!!!!!!!!!!



Butt München ’11

we came for the würst and we were treated to the best… time in Bavaria’s capital of Munich, which we had last (briefly) visited in May of 1998.  enüff with the backstory and on with the picture story!!!

these people truly know how to live life

and yet, they still have to pay for their ketchup

so würst! but who doesn’t love a good ole sausage fest????

or some way too yellow looking fries/frites? that are hactually purty darn delish

gotta give these people some mad platter-tudes.  ALL THIS WAS ONLY 22 EUROS!!!!!!

had at the Schelling Salon, one of Hitler’s favorite haunts, which he was eventually barred from for not paying his tab!!!  EAT IT HITLER!!! OR, HACTUALLY, DON’T!!!!!  speaking of, F$CK YOU HITLER!!!

Dachau was the very first Nazi concentration camp, and you can visit there, and you should!  we recommend Munich Walk Tours, which is led by an English speaking guide

Arbeit macht frei‘ my a$$!!!!

and despite all the evil ugliness that happened there

it’s quite a serene & beautiful place

but Dachau aint the only Jewish death site on our trip.  we also headed out to the 1972 Summer Olympic grounds and village, specifically to the famed 31 Connelystrasse address, where the Israeli Massacre all began

recommended reading: One Day In September

recommend viewing: One Day In September

it’s a crying f$%king shame in many respects that this happened, and it darkens and cheapens a gorgeous Olympic site created by the Germans, which was meant to erase all the nasty memories of the Nazified Berlin Olympics from 1936.  look at how amazing the grounds are!!!

it looks like grass, but them be seats!!

and don’t know how to describe these tent covery thingies

but they are so 70s and SO RAD!!!

here’s where Mark Spitz and his killer mustache ruled the worlds

he totally should have sold bottles of his own spits

but don’t worry folks, we did plenty of non-Jewish things

like eat Schweinshaxe (pork knuckles) at the Haxnbauer!!!

and make instant BFFs with locals (we didn’t tell them we’re Jewish)

like Helmut & Marita!!! they loved we so much, they bought us dinner!  and we loved them so much cause they kinda remind we of our parents, cept 100% more German!!!

and now for the random photo section of this post!

look, this is JUST like in European Vacation

USA destroyed 88% of the city in WWII.  deeply hit was the Residenz

ever wonder what a tiny part of our finger would look like in an grand banquet hall? WONDER NO MO…

der Nazis cut paintings out of the wall to protect them from the bombs

here’s one of the few remaining Third Reich (take the walking tour!) buildings that still be standing

it was home to the Munich conference where Neville Chamberlain was a big wuss. Hitler’s office was up in there too.  the building is now a theater.  Hitler sucks!

know what don’t suck? Munich’s art museums!

there were many more pictures taken, of buildings and sh%t, but there aint no time or room for that.  instead, read these signs of the times, cause other languages that aren’t ours are ALWAYS funny

it’s sirprizing how unhealthy these people are

and yet they DON’T get fat

ok, this has been fun, but time to say auf wiedersehen

and this…

that’s what HE said



yep, we (Thigh Master, Thighsbart, Jewanicur, BJNewms, Sonkin, Gomby & Wolffie) go back to school more often than you do. wees very proud alumnus of Indiana University, juss like Kevin Kline & Jim Jones & Marc Singer from V!! also wees very proud at how much food & fun & friends we can shove into a single weekend. this particular weekend may look a lot like others of the past, but it was different, cause no ranch fart ever smells the same as another.  they like snowflakes.  anywho…

we snuck into a frat kitchen to show you what college looks like

Keystone Light will never die!!!

but we also took the time to look at a different kind of man-made beauty!

like nicely shaped buildings on the bestest campus evs!!!

who wrote this, a mail or femail???

doesn’t sound like much of a priority anymo!

wethinks David Lynch stole his Twin Peaks hallways from the HPER‘s

and the Nazis stole the swastika from the same place!!

where’s the ranch farting lane?

get it, a lane where ranch farting is accepted?

for richer or pourer, we sunk the Biz at Nick’s!!!

our mos flavorite bar in the world, besides the Dive Bar!!!

and yet, despite of all the debauchery, there was still time for culture!!

at the Lilly Library, now our mos flavorite library besides ones where there are hot & naughty librarians

any Tom, Dick or Larry can swing on in & look at magnificent manuscripts & pertinent papers

like Orson Welles’ shiz (and Vonnegut’s & others)!!!!!

they even have early drafts of Citizen Kane when it was called The American!!!!

and you get to put yer greasy lil paws all over them!!!

and you can even JO to his birth certificate!!

and yes, his dad’s name is Dick Head Welles!!!

and yes, Orson was above average!!!!

twas such an honor to touch his honor card!!!

but a C in gym Orson????

too busy being a genius to be in shape????

they also have a lot o’ John Ford’s shiz, like ironically enuff, his Oscar for How Green Way My Valley

which wrongly bested Citizen Kane at the 1941 Academy Awards!!! bastardos!!!!

ok kids, the writing was on the walls

do not try any of the following at home, and juss be happy you can’t smell the ranch farts at home!!

yours drooly, the mumble narrator and overlord of ranch farts!!!

we know you like to watch!!!

this is proof that there is a God

but ranch farts prove that there isn’t a God

but Pizza Express‘ Dixie Chicken (BBQ grilled chicken, red onion, Wisconsin cheddar) is also proof that there is one!!

this za may be basic Midwestern stuffs, but it’s better than a lot of NY za!! 15reals!!!!!

and there aint nuttin wetter than these there wet cokes!!

besides our vaginas after seeing bountiful feast after feast!!

extra! extra!  fart all about it!!!

man, shiz really adds up super qwikly!!!

even branched out and had a lil Greek food!

the Cheesepa’rer & other goodies gave us tzatziki farts!!!

at Hinkle’s Hamburgers’ grease is STILL the word, booty!!

place is so dang good, they don’t even need a website!

had to make a stop de pit at the VP

and munch on an adequate chicken salad sangwich

so blazed and confused that me eyes are going in nine different directions/erections!!!!

this is the only thing we didn’t eat this weekend

and thanks to Imodium AD, we didn’t have to poop much!!

shocking, we know

photo assist from OviWani


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