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McTrademark Infringement

never 5get – those McSleep hotels that never were!!!!!!!!!!


mcsleep 2



In 1988, Quality Inns (now Choice Hotels) was planning to open a new chain of economy hotels under the name ‘McSleep’.  After McDonald’s demanded that Quality Inns not use the name because it infringed, the hotel company filed a suit in federal court seeking a declaratory judgment that ‘McSleep’ did not infringe. McDonald’s counterclaimed, alleging trademark infringement and unfair competition. Eventually, McDonald’s prevailed. The court’s opinion noted that the prefix ‘Mc’ added to a generic word has acquired secondary meaning, so that in the eyes of the public it means McDonalds, and therefore the name ‘McSleep’ would infringe on McDonald’s trademarks [wiki]


not to be confused with McSleeping

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