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For Whom The Long Division School Bell Tolls

Waiting For ‘Superman’
Fighting For Truth, Justice
& Against The American School System Way
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America’s school system isn’t working!!!!!!!!!!!  Did you not know this?  Maybe yer one of the lucky ones (or yer kids) who goes/went to a good school, has/had teachers who care, and have/had a future so bright that you have/had to wear 17 pairs of shades.  Apparently we used to be the cream of the crop in education, but have lost our way over the past few decades.  Boo us!!  Presidents, lawmakers, and overly concerned communities have tried their best to right the ship and raise our math & science test scores, but this is America, where bureaucracy always stands in the way of progress!!!  But try we muss, for if we fail, China will beat us in the race to Uranus and 4-D movies!!!!!

Luckily there are people who care, A LOT, like reformers Geoffrey Canada (love that name!!) and Michelle Rhee, who are bucking conventional wisdom and seeing stunning results in Harlem and DC respectively.  And yet it’s virtually impossible to change the system as a whole with folks like Randi Weingarten and the heavily influential American Federation of Teachers union preventing the firing of horrible educators and rewarding the best ones.  If only ‘Superman’ could save the day!  Or Al Gore!

Al Gore isn’t up to the task, so his Inconvenient Truth director Davis Guggenheim (with writing help from Billy Kimball) has donned the cape and the cause and spreading the word the only way he knows how: documentary stizz.  He follows 5 kids across the country and their quest to get into a charter school, as what seems for the underprivileged (and in some cases, the privileged), the only gateway for a better tomorrow.  For the first hour, the info presented, and the usual getting to know our cast of characters better, is a wee bit dry, and spread a bit wee too wide (maybe he should have incorporated some Gore PowerPoint magic!), but by the end, when we learn the make or break fate of these little rascals, there won’t be any dryness in yer eye sockets!!!!!!  Plus, who would ever speak ill against a movie trying to do good for the children?!?!??!!?

The Other Guys: haven’t seen, yet already feel sorry for the doc The Lottery, which covers similar ground, but may be a more focused look inside the charter school selection process.  Guess they juss didn’t have the Oscar weight and pull that Guggenheim carries for wider distribution

Verdictgo: Jeepers Mos Def Worth A Peepers

don’t wait on ‘Superman’, unless you live outside of NY & LA, where it opens this Friday, and elsewhere elsewhen

and until next thyme the balcony is clothed…


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