Fifteen Nifteen

thighs wide is FIFTEEN years shut – TODAY!!!!! 

(somehow we skipped documenting fourteen, but fourteen is always an odd age) 

we’ve finally gotten our learner’s permit, and let me permit you to see some of the crap we crapped here over the past year of cheers and fears!

(note – each picture below is clickable and will take you to its own magical place) 

Patty Meld

Nixon Bidness With Fashion

Я You With Me?

Make Room For Caddy

Cereal Bol-ing

The Bike-Share Oversupply in China: Huge Piles of Abandoned and Broken Bicycles

Sports Meet Movies Collection

Seeing Is Believing Heavy Breathing

Days of Moving Heaven and Earth

Short Round The Bases

It’s A Large World After All

Truth of Lasso

Mouth of The South North

1967 Triumph XL90 prototype

Handicapped Cars by Swiss artist Beni Bischof

Investing & Inbreasting

the art of Morley Safer

So Tell Me Again, Why Did You Have To Die? Part VII

Dog Guide

Bib Red

Apple To The Corps

Jeremy Miller Time

Bros Before Barnum

Ascent From Heaven

Plop, Plop, Fizz, Fizz

Wes Anderson and Jacques Henri Lartigue

A Bell of Its Former Self

Exploring Great Indiana High School Gyms

License To Fry

NES Black Box Custom Action Figures by Death By Toys

Thighs Wide Movies 2018

Simon & Garfunkel & Fisher & Marshall

Doodle For Hunger by Luke Perry


Barf Mitzvah

Cheesier By The Dozen

This One Goes To Eleven

Ten Years A Thigh Master

Crap o’ Nine Tales

Eight Is Not Enough

Seven Thighs For Unlucky Number Slevin Brothers

Six Degrees of Snorting Bacon

Nut Saks Fifth Anniversary

Queer As Fourth

Three’s A Crowd… PLEASER!

In Case You Didn’t Feel Like Showing Up

Bring On The Terrible Twos!

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  1. Happy anniversary (quincinera?) and thanks for the effort that goes in and the quality you present. Well done, puns and all.


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