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It’s A Mäd Mäd Mäd Mädchen World

Mädchen Amick by Justin Stephens for CBS Watch Magazine


Jughead Jonesing

somehow I neglected to tell you how amazing the show Riverdale is/was in season 1


dude, Shelly Johnson is Betty’s mom – Alice Cooper – AND SHE ROCKS!!!

dude, Dylan McKay is Archie’s dad and he’s like a blue collar Dylan McKay!

and his absentee wife (spoiler alert) is MOLLY FCUKING RINGWALD!!!

and they made Jughead a cool loner rebel dude, and cast someone who looks exactly like an adult version of him – Skeet Ulrich!!!!! (btw, check out the Jug actor Cole Sprouse’s secondary instagram accnt)

oh, did we forget to mention how the show is so super sassy??

and oh so salaciously succulent???

AND oh so saucy sexy??????

oh, and the new look Josie & The Pussycats are purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfect (shout out to their ‘Sugar Sugar’ redo!)

oh, and there’s plenty of good teen drama, and like mystery and mayhem, and stuff, and like a zillion redheads (i love redheads)!!!

and the show ‘somehow’ changed my lifelong allegiances from Betty to Veronica????????????


Camila Mendes 4 life!!!


is it season 2 yet??


Mother Love Boner

this is Diane Lane’s mom!!!

Colleen Farrington, Playboy’s Miss October 1957!!!


Hounding Bassett

one thing I forgot to mention months back… Lifetime’s Britney Every After movie was A-MAZING, and in particular, the girl who played the lead, Natasha Bassett.  her and her stunning peepers, and the movie should win 99023923191239 zillion TV Oscars

oh man, love me some Bassetttt.  been hounding her since Fail Caesar!

here’s hoping she’s hounding TV and movie screens for zillions of years to come!!!!!!!


Playing From Behind

look, I’m no fan of their family, but(t)…

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