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Fifty Shades of Grey
Fifty Shades of Meh
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R | 125 min

50 shades

I have zero clue if EL James‘ book Fifty Shades of Grey is any good, but I know the movie based on her book isn’t very good.  Sure, the movie has endless amounts of Dakota Johnson‘s butt and boobs and a lil bit of vag, and yet it’s all udderly dull.  Lots of teasing… and wooden acting… and contract negotiations.  Negotiations haven’t been this blah since Sio Bibble opened his trap.  Apparently this Grey sh!t started off as Twilight fan faction, and if it wanted to be any bit interesting (well, it kinda is a little bit interesting – I mean, Dakota is kinda nice to look at), it should add some vampire baseball, or at least show Jamie Dornan‘s junk, or at least do some sorta of EL James / EL Fudge crossover

EL Fudge

Verdictgo: Zero Merit AND No Stinkin Badgers

Grey is meh at a theater near jews

and until next thyme the balcony is clothed…


The Girl With The Boobs, Endearing

the year was 1984, and Tom Hanks wasn’t the Tom Hanks yet, he was 80s Tom Hanks, and he starred in a silly sassy movies like Bachelor Party 

Not exactly sure when or how I first saw Bachelor Party, but I’m assuming it was on HBO (endlessly), and I saw it at home at age 7 or so, with my parents blissfully unaware

Well, in the opening credits of Bachelor Party – there was a pair of boobs that I fell in love with, and I’m sure you did too.  They were perfectly round and perfectly perfect, and the camera loved them.  So did Tom Hanks and Adrian Zmed’s sleazy department store photographer.  It was actually a very uncomfortable scene to watch, but those boobs were juss too eye and thigh-catching to ignore

if you don’t remember the scene, you can watch it here 


Angela Aames bach party boobs

kid bachelor party

bachelor party tom hanks boobs

bachelor party angela

Angela Aames bachelor party

bachelor party boobs

bach party boobs

somehow, I thought of these boobs recently, and decided to investigate whose boobs they were

turns out, they belonged to a woman named Angela Aames

and turns out, she died 4 years after Bachelor Party was released at age 32 :(

so sad, but she and her heavenly boobs live on, 9ever

bachelor party lady

thanks for the mammaries

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