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Didn’t Have A Sporting Chance

1970 – Coca‑Cola introduces its first sports drink when Olympade is test marketed in the United States. The packaging features a logo for the U.S. Olympic Committee - one of the few times the USOC allowed the use of the rings and Olympic name on a product



Het Is de Real Thing

Coca-Cola is the longest continuous sponsor of the Olympic Games, with a partnership that began with the IXth Olympic Games in Amsterdam, 1928  

coke oylympics

heerlijk en verfrisschend = delicious & refreshing

coke amsterdam olympics

1,000 cases of Coca-Cola were sent to those Summer Games.  vendors sold Coke in bottles from kiosks located around the Olympic Stadium and the Rowing Course, but very few promotional materials connected Coca-Cola to the Games.  the exception - customized signs that were created by an American art student and hung over each of the entrances to the stadium


Lords Only Knows What I’d Beat Off To Without You



man, that 1984 Summer Olympics logo was so hotttttttt!!

la olympicvs tee vons olympics

(on Traci Lords’ smoking body!!!!!!)


Gracie Gold > Tracey Gold

Gracie Gold is an American dream come true

gold arms

she’s like a cuter, younger Jennie Garth

gold red

with teef to die for AND FIVE!!!

USOC: Team USA Media Summit

man do we wish we were her arms!!!

gracie gold pole

and man do we wish she was grabbing OUR pole!!

USOC Portrait Shoot

and frolicking in our white stuff!!

gravie USA

go US-AND-A!  AND GG!!

gracie arms

grace under fire

gracie arms b

grace under pressure

gracie tongue

lickity splitz!!!

and before anyone starts searching for it…


here’s Gracie Gold + camel toe

it’s like 2006 all over again!!!



Tonya Hardon’s Ice Fapadesæ


You Go Yugoslavia

what is left of the ‘Friendly Games’, Sarajevo 1984


Fascinating Photos of Abandoned Olympic Sites Around the World

speaking of Vučko, somehow my parents got me a doll of him when I was 7.  HE WAS THE FCUKING SHITH!!!!!

and speaking of me and Sarajevo ’84

buy this shirt we ‘made’!!

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