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Weak & Spell

something special is going on with this instagram

i mean spicial!

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Life As We Snow It

Mario Carosa cleans snow from his windshield in Brooklyn today, February 2, 1962


Black & White & Red Haring All Over

Subway drawings: UFO [and] Dancing Man, Keith Haring, 1984

Marker drawings on acrylic glass subway car window

from the New York City (Brooklyn) estate of a former MTA contractor who was instructed by the Authority, years ago, to discard the object as part of a rubble pile. In 1984 the NYC Transit Authority (part of the MTA) initiated a massive graffiti clean up campaign of its stations and cars. This window suffers from both graffiti (which could have been cleaned) and damage to the glass itself (which was un-repairable), hence it was replaced and discarded [Live Auctioneers]

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