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Daughter’s Keepers

on the set & behind the scenes with Vivian Kubrick

viv 2001

2001: A Space Odyssey, 1967 with one of the baby chimps that appeared in the movie

viv clockwork

A Clockwork Orange, 1969 – Vivian helped cut out those Styrofoam letters on the wall!!!!!

viv shinning

editing the ‘Making The Shining‘ at EMI, 1981 – photo by her father

viv full metal

Full Metal Happiness, 1986.  she composed the film’s score!

I love my parents and all, but sometimes I wish they were Stanley Kubrick and Deborah Kerr

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Scaring Is Caring

The Conjuring
A Warren Commission
Official Website | Trailers & Mo 
R | 112 min


There was a real family who lived at a real Rhode Island farmhouse and creepy sh#t happened, and it scared the crap out of them, and a real life husband-wife team of paranormal investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren, came to their house and tried to set sh%t straight.  Regardless of what is actual fact or Hollywood fiction doesn’t matter, cause the film version of this tale – The Conjuring – delivers the best 70s’ horror film since… the 70s!  Sure, it’s no Exorcist, nor even The Omen, but it’s on par or even better than The Amityville Horror, and the 2009 throwback A Haunting In Connecticut, two flix both based off of other cases in the Warrens‘ files.  OK, so The Conjuring’s scares are old school cheap (voices in the dark, doors slamming, ‘s face), but are very old school effective. Purty crazy that this film was directed by the same guy that gave the world the Saw franchise life, .  Torture porn is so lame.  Real-ish life bumps in the night are so rad.  And so are  & , who as Ed & Lorraine Warren are so f#&king best that we welcome more of their adventures, and welcome them to shower with me!!

Verdictgo: mos def Jeepers Worth A Peepers/Creepers

Conjuring boos you at a theater near jews

oh, and random of randomness – Joey King, who plays one of the haunted family members, was in some Mathew Modine-Kristen Chenoweth movie where she dressed up like Jodie Foster’s Taxi Driver kid prostitute, a Reservoir Dog, and a droog.  WTF??

joey king droog

joey king droog2

and until next thyme the balcony is clothed…

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