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Toying With My Emotions

The LEGO® Movie
Slick Brick
Official Website | Trailers & Mo
PG | 100 min

lego movie

I am no fan of cartoon movies aimed at kids these days.  Sure, I can sit thru some Pixar flicks here and there, but for the most part, I aint having these computer animated films.  Oh, your panda knows kung-fu??  Great, I don’t give a fcuk.  Oh, your dragon can be trained?  Wake me up after I’m done sleeping thru Game of Thrones too. These flixs are for your kids, not the kid in me

I’m a stickler for a bygone area – the hand-drawn toons that Disney built an empire on.  So if yer gonna get me to see one of yer new movies (not that they care), you’re gonna have to tap into that old fashioned style… or other things from my beloveded childhood. Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph is a perfect example of how to whet my current animation whistle.  Go all nostalgic, and break out the fun!  And here comes The LEGO Movie, which not only whets my whistle, it practically drowns it.  YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!

Dude, this LEGO movie is so so so fcuking awesome.  Even more awesome than the awesome song within it.  And it’s not juss awesome cause it’s a kids movie that works, it’s awesome, because it’s a real fcuking movie, and really really well done.  Heck, it’s the funniest  flick in half a decade!!  It appeals to anyone who has ever touched a LEGO, young or old, and I’d say to anyone who probably doesn’t know these bricks from brac  

LEGOs have certainly changed over the years. They used to be all smiles, and not much else, but today, they have teeth, and grit, and can be anything, like Batman or Lord of The Rings or any movie tie-in you can think of. Well, the people who wrote and directed this film, thought of everything and anything, and threw it all together in a non-stop rollercoaster of fun fun fun fun fun fun fun that I never wanted to stop.  WHY DID IT STOPPEDEDED!!!!!!!!!!  They assured that all them LEGO bases would be covered in movie one, if it ended up being juss a one and done flick, but the future is beyond bright for this franchise.  Maybe for the sequels, instead of incorporating all LEGO worlds, they could focus on one subject – like the space guys, or the forest-men.  Whatever, I don’t really care what they do, cause I’m gonna go see it.  I juss want them to never stop building!!!!

VerdictgoBreast In Show

LEGO is still connecting in a theater near jews

and until next thyme the balcony is clothed…

lego forestman


Love Bytes

OS Oh Yes! 
Official Website | Trailers & Mo
R | 119 min


 is so fcuking creative.  Maybe he needs lotsa time to be so fcuking creative.  And if so, is that why he’s only made four movies since 1999?  And if that so is so, so what?  If he’s gonna keep delivering mind-bending/blowing cinema, then please, take yer jolly a$$ time Spike!  His latest Her is just another grand notch on his ultra-cool, ultra-crazy filmmaking belt.  The difference with this flick vs his other works is that this one’s 111% the vision of Jonze, as he wrote the script from scratch himself

I for one am obsessed with technology.  I can’t keep my fingers off my phone (and my fiancee, but she doesn’t always do what I tell her to do :).  Jonze knows this (not about me, but about all of us), and he sees our relationships with our computers (in the near future) growing even closer, for worse AND for better.  His Her is a new computer operating system unlike anything that came before it, in our reality, and even in cinema’s fantasies.  Before Her, there was the artificial intelligence that was Metropolis‘ Maschinenmensch2001‘s HAL-9000, Tron‘s Master Control ProgramWarGames‘ WOPR, and in body form, A.I.‘s David.  You can see what direction these movie AIs have been going – less evil, more human-like, more helpful, and more lovable (yet always creepy!!).  Woah, Spike, you just unknowingly made a sci-fi epic, without being at all sci-fi-y!

 is our end user Theodore Twombly, a lonely, thoughtful and misunderstood soul looking for someone to talk to, and to fill the void of his recently lost love life.  When he purchased his new operating system, simply named OS1, little did he know that he was about to embark on another rollercoaster of love and all that comes with it.  OS1, with the voice of , gives herself the name Samantha, and Theodore a new lease on life.  She grows as a learning computer, and he grows closer to ‘her’ with every byte, and they ultimately and completely fall in love with one another.  But can a man fall in love with his computer?  Well, in 2009, a man married a video game character, so why couldn’t this happen?  The love in Her feels true, but remains so unnervingly creepy to us (there’s a scene that cuts to moments of black, which will make you feel beyond awkward), but in this near future landscape, it’s more acceptable than it is frowned upon

Do we want this bad good bad future to happen?  To be honest, I don’t want anything in Spike Jonze’ head to become real, but I want to keep on seeing what he sees, cause only he could make a make-up-less  seem sexier than she did being half-naked in American Hustle

Verdictgo: Breast In Show

Clothing Jonzeing: now you can dress like it’s the near future too, with Opening Ceremony’s Her inspired line!

her clothes

Her boots up currently at a theater near jews

(this was the last movie we needed to see before coming up with our best of ’13 list. sorry Phil O Meana & Nebraska, there juss aint time to see you)

and until next thyme the balcony is clothed…


The Great Gaspy

The Wolf of Wall Street
The Mighty Jordan Belfortification 
Official Website | Trailers & Mo
R | 179 min

wold of wall street

 made Goodfellas, arguably one of the greatest films ever made (I say even better than The Godfathers!), then directed a bunch of other stuff that wasn’t as grrrrrrrrrreat, then dropped Casino on us, which was not AS grrrrrrrrrreat great as Goodfellas was is, but what movie really is????, but it was so fcuking RAWesome and so close to being as grrrrrrrrrreat, but then he did a bunch of other movies that were good, but nothing like either of those two grrrrrrrrrreat and almost AS grrrrrrrrrreat masterpieces.  Well, the 18 year wait has paid off with The Wolf of Wall Street, which is not AS grrrrrrrrrreat as Casino, but oh so fcuking close to being so, and oh so fcuking RAWesome in its own right.  Bless you Marty.  BLESS YOU!!!!!!!!!

If you don’t know by now, Wolf is the VERY true story of , a small time scheming stockbroker who hit it big, at the expense of his clients.  Then lost it big, at the expense of those who helped him get there.  Jordan lived a life of BEYOND excess, and the film, adapted by  from Belfort’s two books, displays this excess, and is excessive itself – clocking in at 1 minute under 3 hours!!!  And yet, not a single one of those manic, lude-filled minutes is wasted, even if Belfort, in the form of , is wasted for about 96% of the movie  

Earlier this year, we saw DiCaprio live the extravagant life of another Long Island schemer, from another Wall Street friendly era, as the title Jay guy in Baz Luhrmann’s equally spastic The Great Gatsby. He was mainly reserved, with the energy and anger welled up, and his performance was udderly fantastic.  In Wolf, he’s the same guy, cept there’s nothing being reserved.  It’s all out on the table, being snorted, and then some (candle in the butt!!!) – marking DiCaprio’s single greatest performance (and dancing, see gif below) to date, which is some feat considering the list of unforgettable performances he’s handed in (Arnie from What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, Howard Hughes in Marty’s The Aviator, and Mr Hoover in Eastwood’s underpraised/loved J Edgar)

Anywho, DiCaprio aint alone in making this a Scorsese pic score and a must sese.  There’s his right-hand toothy man who does his in-office dirty work -  (this kid can’t fail), his other right-hand man who does his out-of-office dirty work -  (perfect as a meathead muscle), bitchy trophy wife -  (being VERY NSFWlicious), dad  (Rob fcuking Reiner!!!), the wolf hunting FBI agent -  (LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing his face on the big screen), sleazy mentor –  (remember when he wasted his and our time starring in endless crappy movies?), swifty Swiss banker -  (The Artist CAN talk), and every single one of Belforts underlings (with names changed to protect godknows who), and in particular, the bespectacle and bestpect-o-cool 

Wolf is like a third-rate Goodfellas, which means it’s a first rate picture of this year, which means it’s one of the best of 2013.  TEEN WOLF THAT SHIZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Verdictgo: Breast In Show Wolf is howls at a theater near jews

and until next thyme the balcony is clothed…



A Sail of Two Pities / Hard (Mari)Times

All Is Lost
Official Website | Trailers & Mo
PG-13 | 106 min

all is lost

Dude, there’s this movie about  as an unamed guy, who’s like sailing in the Indian Ocean or something, by himself, and one day wakes up on his ship, with his cabin flooded, caused by some shipping container ramming into the ship and bustin a hole into it.  Being an awesome old man at sea, the old man goes about trying to fix what he can, and sail on, trying to get somewhere, anywhere, from the middle of nowhere.  Sh!t happens, more sh!t happens, none of it good, and the man does what he can to survive.  This is what ‘s All Is Lost is all is lost about.  This is what Life of Pi should have been, but wasn’t, cause it had a tiger, and lots of CGI colory stuff and things and spirituality and stuff.  Redford speaks maybe a single page of dialog in the entire movie, but he acts by doing, and doings he does OH SO WELLLLL!!!  All Is Lost is a better silent film than The Artist was.  Damn, son.  Makes me wish that Redford acted MORE (at least outside of his own movies).  And continues my wishes of never wanting to go sailing EVER!!!!   If it were a true story, it would probably be better than Captain Phillips, but it’s not true, and Captain Phillips is the movie of the year (thus far), but Lost is not far behind.  It’s like the 2nd best film that isn’t about Native American/Holocaust/fake moon landing conspiracy theories of The Shining!!  Oh man, be a man, and set sail on this MUST SEE SEA ADVENTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!  

VerdictgoBreast In Show

Lost is FOUND, currently in limited release

and until next thyme the balcony is clothed…


The Dread Pirate Robbers

Captain Phillips 
A Must SEA
Official Website | Trailers & Mo
PG-13 | 134 min

captain phillips

Captain Phillips is a real person.  Some really really real sh!t happened to him.  Fo’real.  Five’reals.  999999′reals.  None of us would ever want to walk/sail a mile in his poop-deck shoes, even if the stuff that happened to him didn’t happen to him.  That’s probably why none of us are captains of cargo ships that pass thru ye dreaded pirate alleys of today.  Who be the pirates of today?   No, they aint from Pittsburg, they from Somalia. It’s a poor country, and sometimes people go to such extremes that they have to hijack ships and demand money and stuff.  This is what happened to Captain Richard Phillips and the crew of the Maersk Alabama.  But Captain Phillips wouldn’t let any harm come to his crew or cargo or ship, so he saved them all by putting himself in more danger.  What happens next is either something you already know or (hopefully) not, but either way, ‘ rivitinglisciously-rousing panic-stomach-knot-inducing 134 minute thrill ride movie is BEYOND required viewing, especially if you consider one of THE best films of the year to be something you should probably see

Cap’n P is embodied by our generation’s Jimmy Stewart – Mr , but I don’t think even Jimmy Stewart could pull off what Hanks does done in Greengrass’ grassy knoll (whatever that means).  You know Hanks can play any type of character (usually nice dudes), and will make whatever character he plays instantly likable and believable, but Hanks has been taking on such blah roles for most of the past decade.  Don’t think he’s won our heart this much since he got lost as Viktor Navorski in the horribly amazing The Terminal.  But what Hanks does in Phillips isn’t just his best work in a decade, it’s one of his best pieces of work period.  Yep, right up there with Gump, Woody, Josh Baskin, Jimmy Dugan, and whomever he played in Philadelphia.  Wow, just wow.  Still being wowed just typing the word ‘wow’ when describing Hanks in Phillips

But Hanks isn’t even really the star of the movie.  He literally takes a backseat to the four dudes who play the pirates.  Every single one of them should be given awards, parades, a street named in their honor, and probably some food, so they aint so dangs skinny.  Oodles of kudos galore go out to ,  and  (with the bestestest forehead-afro combo on planet earth).  They scare the Captain & crew onscreen, and us off screen.  I’m sure they scare themselves juss looking into a mirror.  Look at this gif below and tell me you aint scared of that man and his barely fingers!!?!??!?!  Can he even pick up a fork????  Doesn’t matter, cause he picks up our eyes and keeps them glued to his


Verdictgo: beyond Breast In Show

Captain Phillips sets ails and sails into a theater near jews today

Ship Mates:  filming happened on the Alabama’s sister ship, the Alexander Maersk 


and until next thyme the balcony is clothed…

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