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McTrademark Infringement

never 5get – those McSleep hotels that never were!!!!!!!!!!


mcsleep 2



In 1988, Quality Inns (now Choice Hotels) was planning to open a new chain of economy hotels under the name ‘McSleep’.  After McDonald’s demanded that Quality Inns not use the name because it infringed, the hotel company filed a suit in federal court seeking a declaratory judgment that ‘McSleep’ did not infringe. McDonald’s counterclaimed, alleging trademark infringement and unfair competition. Eventually, McDonald’s prevailed. The court’s opinion noted that the prefix ‘Mc’ added to a generic word has acquired secondary meaning, so that in the eyes of the public it means McDonalds, and therefore the name ‘McSleep’ would infringe on McDonald’s trademarks [wiki]


not to be confused with McSleeping


Old Макдоналдс

the first Soviet McDonalds - Макдоналдс – opened in Moscow on January 31, 1990

moscow mcdonalds

this is how long the line was

but it was worth it  

russia mcdonalds

they even had fake Donald Duck & Goofy there!!!

mcdonalds disney moscow

look how happy these people were

including the workers!

Советско-канадский ресторан "Макдональдс"

although she doesn’t look TOO thrilled

big mac moscow

and neither does this babushka

grammy eats

maybe cause neither of them got dressed up

costume mcdonalds

watch - Freedom Fries: Big Mac revolution in Russia

mcdonalds line moscow

but hey, it still beats the beets they waiting in other long lines for

line moscow mcdonalds 1990

long live the cows and buns and fries of capitalism!

soviet mcdonalds


thumbs up

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