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Puttin The ‘Cray’ In ‘Crayon’

I have no idea who this guy is or what the draw squad be or whatever or things

mark kistler

but he’s my new hero

mark kistler b

yes, mainly cause he has a mustache

mark kistler 2

and mainly cause he has a jacket with crayons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mark crayons

but it doesn’t end there with him & his mustache & jackets…

[hat tip to Peabz]

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Do Judge A Book By It’s Cover

Bogart’s Face – a book with no context, description, or listed author. every page is a picture of Humphrey Bogart!!!!

bogarts face cover


bogarts face2

bogart face pages

bogarts face3

buy me one, pleaz


Judge A Book’s Cover By Its Cover


Judge A Book’s Cover By Its Cover Part II

what’s the only thing more-er crazy/sexy/cool than those funcredible Choose Your Own Adventure books?



cept they were those faux BS ones called Find Your Fate

but who cares what they were called or what was on the inside cause on the outside was Harrison Ford’s face in more Indiana Jones adventures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  WE HATE READING BUT WE’D READ ANYTHING WITH HARRISON FORD’S FACE ON THE COVER WITH PROMISES OF MORE INDIANA JONES ADVENTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOULDN’T EVEN CARE IF THE ADVENTURES WERE JUSS HIM TAKING A DUMP!!!!!!

perv-e-usly – 

Judge A Book’s Cover By Its Cover I

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