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Holy Wood

Woody called to tell me he would have to get his hair cut for ‘Cheers’ the next day and it was likely to be the last time his mane would ever be this long again.  I was happy to oblige

– photographer Wayne Williams


Putting The ‘Ass’ In Assassination

hinkcley ford's theatre

John Hinckley Jr poses in front of Ford’s Theatre in Washington, DC, where Abraham Lincoln was assassinated.  This photograph was taken shortly before Hinckley shot and wounded President Reagan, in an assassination attempt on March 30, 1981


Unwanted Poster

scary movies scared the living sh!t out of me as a kid.  so much so that I never ever wanted to watch them, EVER NEVER (I’ve become a little less sissy as the years have passed).  with the rise of VHS in the early 80s, I constantly came across tapes with covers that were so scary, they’ve literally scarred me for life.  here are two tape covers/posters that made me wish I didn’t have eyes as a kid, and STILL creep me out to this very day (although I’m sure the movies wouldn’t anymo)

happy birthday to me poster happy birthday to me


microwave massacre


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