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Ayew, Ah You!

little known fract:

these 3 people are actually the same peoples…

sorta funny, mostly bitchy, debbie downer partier

Lizzy Caplan

snarly faced soccer guy who always bleeds cause he’s a pussy

Clint Dempsey


Bob Geldof

as Pink Floyd in Pink Floyd The Wall, the movie version of Pink Floyd’s The Wall

not convinced?

shave Lizzy’s hair, give her a beard, remove the eyebrows, then shave the beard and then…


this world cup needs more Zidane headbutts and Fabio Capello in a bathing suit.  oh well


Personal Foul

32 years of waiting has finally paid off

May 10th
The New York Mets vs The Washington Nationals
Shea Stadium II
Top of the 6th
foul by Luis Atilano
caught by Thigh Master

final score: Nats 3, Mets 2

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