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Prized Wide Eyes

off to SF for some #NatsBatsStats. stare at this til I returneth

Jerry Colonna

Jerry Colonna 

photo is dated May 15, 1940 [ebay]

oh, and that photo is not to be confused with this one..



La Cool aux Follicles

this sauve-ass French dude (Marcel Herrand from Les Enfants du Paradis) is officially our new hair & mustache hero-icon-overlord-messiah, and possible future Halloween costume, or perhaps even daily costume, if we were to ever allow product back into our hair, which won’t ever happen, EVER.  still, this guy is the F$%KING MAN!!! (even though his character in the movie is kind of a giant jerk-a$$)

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Thighway To
The Danger Zone

there’s Tom Kruse, the Hoveround guy, and then there’s

Tom Kruse, Realtor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

who will take your breath away… with homes in the St Louis area!!!

love this guy, but mainly for taking advantage of his homonymy name, and totally going Top Gun with it (you can hear the TG theme play on his site!)

Tom Cruise could not be reach for comment

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