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If The Shue Fits

been re-watching Melrose Place, which has one of those antiquated long opening credit sequences that highlights each character/actor, and none fascinates me more than Billy Campbell/Andrew Shue’s, cause his smile is so infectious

but I have questions…

what from the side is grabbing Billy’s attention and making him smile???  a smoking hot blonde?  a free refill of hot coffee?  someone telling him USA Soccer is amazing??  someone telling him that he’s both more attractive AND a better actor than his sister Elisabeth????

and who’s the dude he randomly smacks in the stomach, whilst walking down the street???  is that someone he knows? if so, why doesn’t he stop to say hello.  Billy doesn’t seem to be in a real hurry to be anywhere.  but if it ISN’T someone he knows, why is he smacking some random dude in a hat with a ponytail?  wouldn’t that guy be like, ‘hey smiley-face, why the fcuk are you hitting me in the stomach?’.  not sure if the other guy is smiling, but I don’t think he was expecting the tummy tap


White Panter

the real winners from the 91st Academy Awards…

fluffy Linda Cardellini shines in her latest role – Pink Parts

Queen was like, we will rock you, and Javier Bardem was like, fcuk yeah/joder si!!!

excellent choice for Margot Kidder RIP pic (although there are even sexier superwomanier ones where that/I came/come from)

not sure why these two aren’t headlining a studio comedy every year (instead of Will Ferrell & whomever)

Richard E Grant is wowed by the sight of Barbra Streisand.  be like Richard E and be wowed by things

OMG – Rami Malek and Lucy Boynton are in love off-screen too! ♥

objects may appear orange, but they turned our hearts bright red

and this about sums it up (even though Green Book is a solid film)

but, Mister Rogers and Eighth Grade and Zodiac were still robbed

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