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Galasstic Empire

you remember the Burger King Star Wars glasses, right?????

bk star wars front

bk star wars back

if you didn’t, eBay awaits! (the Empire ones are the tres bestest!)

but wait, there were also posters of the Dale (or is it Del?) Nichols art that was used on the glasses????????????????

bk star wars c3po

bk star wars chewie

bk star wars luke

bk star wars darth

 [via Space: 1970]

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Won If By Landspeeder,
And Boo If By Sea

The Coke Landspeeder

Coke One!!!!!

3 years too late on this, but WOAH!


Obi, juss straight-up chillin

been to that new drink spot, Jabba Juice?

Darth needs a lot of force to get this crap outta his ass cheeks

all stolen from nowhere else but Retro Star Wars!!!

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