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Donna Martin Coagulates

and the scariest magazine photo that I’ve ever did done seen remains this David LaChapelle pic of Tori Spelling from the September 1993 issue of Details Magazine

tori spelling details

and apparently Tori agrees…

LaChapelle pushes his celebrity subjects into caricaturing their carefully tended images. The results range from stunning to grotesque. Tori Spelling-made up to look like a cross between a prostitute and a prom queen-was so distraught during her shoot that she ran to the bathroom in tears [NY Mag]


November 7, 1977

a date that will live in thighfamy

cause I was born on this day

and I was born to love 

thanks for joining me on this journey of sense-non, movies, boobs and dumb sh!t

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Spirit of 1776 lbs

for the record, this is one of the greatest magazine covers of all time, cause it’s Andy Reid, and he’s fat and he’s in a ye olde patriot outfit, and that’s pretty much that

December 2004

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