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They Way Us Were

if only US Weekly was still covering hot topics like this

us weekly empuire



Lois In The Fast Lane

Margot Kidder is SuperFLY!!!!!!!!

kidder partner

margot thru

kidder desk

lois desk phone

lois phone

planet lois

kidder lois desk

lois lane desk

margot b4

kidder sweater

margot sweater

margot sweat

margot glasses

high kidder

superman towel

margot super chest

margot chest

and kinda Ursa-lish here!

margot hot


+ the coolest group photo EVER!!!! (maybe/probably)

tatum mj margot mj magic tatum

Griffin O’Neal, Ray Parker Jr, Tatum O’Neal, Randy Jackson, Magic Johnson, Dan Aykroyd, Michael Jackson and Margot Kidder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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