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Kicked The Puckett

Peace The Forks Out


Mr Hockey

gordie howe american flag

gordie hjowe

the howes

howe whalwers

gordie howe still plays

gordie howe today

cameron howe ferris


Buddy Ryan

buddy ryan bears thumbs

buddy ryan goal post

buddy ryan eagles sideline

the ryans

buddy ryan sons

buddy and bill


Pat Summitt

pat and son

pat summitt court

pat summitt usa

summitt court

pat summitt cheerleader


Anton Yelchin

yelchin ducks

anton yelchin




Elephants from Ringling Bros

Pink Panther‘s Cato

founding member and namer of The Beastie Boys

keyboardist for Parliament/Funkadelic and Talking Heads

The Tony Kornheiser (Radio) Show


mr ed

Prince Be of PM Dawn

Kimbo Slice

last of the War of the Worlds radio broadcast crew

Equus and Amadeus penner

co-wrote Full Metal Jacket screenplay

he made us say NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

one of THE last survivors of Vaudeville

Vera from ‘Alice’

Judy Jetson & Josie of the Pussycats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

judy jetson

the guy literally in ALF

Groundhog Day‘s b&b owner

Billy Bob from Varsity Blues

‘Romper Room’s’ Miss Mary Ann

Food Lion co-founder

Yasgur’s farm son

New Yorker tooner

original Met

‘Waltons’ actress

wrote for Jerry Lewis

she was in a league of her own

she beehived the world’s hair


he did little

she had a voice

she Dick Van Dyked

Momma and Miss Peach cartoonist

Lenore La Motta in Raging Bull

Troma’s biggest action star

former Megadeth drummer

Mr Black Angus Steakhouse

the 1st Mr Patty Duke

Johnny Depp’s mom

Jennifer Aniston’s mom

Chris Noth’s mom

Bill Cunningham

some guy in Planet of the Apes

some horse dude

some Jets punter

some SF ice cream dude

some Australian film dude

some bluegrass guy

some Italian actor

some Japanimator

some mountain guy

some German actor

some vintor

some owl

some Serbian and Yugoslav actor

some Iowa radio dude

mr Othello

othello inventor

Bethesda Community Store

Minnesota’s most famous eagle

not THAT Fred Savage


the guy that gave us this


Beardy W

curly w beard

I somehow neglected to post Eric Brooks‘s Curly W beard photo 100 weeks ago.  shame on me


Louisville Slugger

Peace The Forks Out


Muhammad Ali

ali the picture to end all puictrure3s

kid punch

beatles ali

mj ali

dylan ali

stevie ali

prince ali

stallone ali

pyror ali

sammy ali

ali x

mlk ali

ali nelsonm

jim brown ali

russell ali kareem

superman ali

wrestlamiona ali

jordan alui

robin ali

pele ali

ali carter

ali bubba

ali fake queebn

ali cosell

ali eats

ali 2

ali monopply

No Debatest – He Was The Greatest


The San Francisco Chinese Basketeers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Harlem Globetrotters thawed the Cold War a bit when they played 9 games in Moscow in 1959 – watch this 30 For 30 short all about it 

ussr globetrotters

but instead of playing a bunch of Soviet punching bags, they brought their own opponent…

The San Francisco Chinese Basketeers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CHINESE!!!!!!!!!!!!  BASKETEERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

but ZERO pictures or footage exist of these Chinese Basketeers!!!

all I could find are these programs, of when they traveled to England during the same year

sf chinese basketeers

trotters prograsms

san francisco chinese basketeers

thankfully someone posted the roster found within the program, so the Chinese Basketeers’ names (real and pretend, although it’s hard to read them clearly, so I tried my best to transcribe them) can live in infamy…

  • Willie Lee (Wey Li Lee)
  • Taddy Song (Te Day Song)
  • Ronald Kim (Lo No Gan)
  • Robert Akeo (Da Se Al Keo Oh)
  • Lelan Wong (Way Lan Wong)
  • Robert Rees (Lee So Chin)
  • Donald Ho (Don No Hall)
  • Ronnie Hold (Ming Tai Sam)
  • Harry Higs (Yip Chang Fong)

and it turns out – most of these dudes were Hawaiian!  

asians bball

and some of these dudes also played on other teams the Globetrotters played against, like the ‘Hawaii 50th Staters’, the ‘Honolulu Surfriders” and the ‘San Francisco All-Nations’!!!!

globetrotters hawiaan

globetrotters hwianna

globies chienes

Chinese Basketeers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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