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URL Badgirl

Lily Allen
Terminal 5
September 23th

lily allen terminal 5

I invented Lily Allen’s American career. Not really, but I sorta kinda did. I guess when all is said and done for TWS, the helping of Lily Allen hype in America will go down as one of this site’s greatest accomplishments, besides endless horrible puns & photochops

Well, a lot has changed for her and I, since I last saw her perform in 2006/2007. I see WAY less movies and got a little less gay by getting married, and she became a mother, and her music somehow got dumber and less awesome. I gave her latest – Sheezus – numerous spins before seeing her in concert for the first time in 7 years, and besides a couple of choice cuts, I wish I could unspin it. Generic beats mixed with lyrics trying too hard to be… hard = a recipe for lameness. How could the girl who once wrote & sang such cute tracks about doing things and stuff release new stuff of such ill repute? Dunno, but the new songs sounded less awful in concert than they did at home, but what they really did is highlight how great her earlier work is be, although the song ‘Fuck You’ is still a giant heaping pile of sh!t. Maybe the writing was on the wall of things to come with that song. Lily, stop fronting, and get back to where we once were – when 2006 was so our year, and the future seemed limitless, instead of limiting. Maybe the same is true of me and TWS, but what do I know?


Sheezus / Not Fair / LDN / As Long as I Got You / Our Time / Everyone’s At It / The Worst (Jhené Aiko cover) / URL Badman / Bass Like Home / Smile / Life for Me / Littlest Things / Miserable Without Your Love / The Fear / 22 / L8 CMMR / Who’d Have Known / Fuck You

Encore – Encore Or Nah (Ty Dolla $ign cover) / Hard Out Here


Praise Lorde

United Palace Theatre
September 16th

Lorde’s debut album has 10 tracks. The extended version has 5 more songs. She does 2 covers. If she played every single one of those songs in concert, it would be 17 total. Well, she did all the above but two (see setlist below), and with a show that was barely an hour, it was barely a waste of time. In fact, barely an hour had never felt like such an endless euphoric epoch that I wish never ended

Too be honest, I had originally bought tickets to Lorde’s show with the intention of scalping them. Why not, I mean I netted 5th row seats. But a funny thing happened on the way to Craiglist/Stubhub – the tickets never had a demand, and so there wasn’t much value in selling em. Also, in my Robyn homework that I did on Pandora, Lorde’s music kept coming up, and kept blowing my mind and ears. The choice became clear – go to the show. And the show I did go to, and thankful that all that happened, cause she was fcuking rAWEsome (ok, ok, so it’s rare that I go to a show and DON’T come away being rawked, but last nite I was totally sober and so my opinion is even more pinioned!)

I normally see musicians that are close to my age (Jack White) or twice it (Brian Wilson), but rarely do I see anyone do anything that’s half my age (that doesn’t involve sports). Well, Lorde may be 17 or 18 or whatever, but she seems wise beyond her years/crazy hair/beyond crazy dancing, and I look forward to hearing her sweet sweet music until I’m as old as Brian Wilson


Glory and Gore / White Teeth Teens / Tennis Court / Buzzcut Season / No Better / 400 Lux / Flashing Lights (Kanye West cover) / Bravado / Biting Down / Heavenly Father (Bon Iver cover) / Still Sane / Ribs / Royals / Team / A World Alone


Full Bridge Fever

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
+ Steve Winwood

Madison Square Garden
September 10th



It is without question (and without much explanation needed) that Tom Petty AND Steve Winwood are both rAWESOME in concert. Free Fallin’??? Running Down A Dream??? Cover of the Byrds’ So You Want to Be a Rock ‘n’ Roll Star??????????????? REFUGEE?????????? HIGHER LOVE???? BRING ME A HIGHER LOVE!!!!!!! But we aren’t going to waste any more space on their stellar performances. Cause I’m here to talk about the amazingness that is MSG’s Skybridge seating area. They like skybox seats, but ANYONE can buy em. And here’s what they got – less people, less lines, endless room – room to boogie, to get up and walk around, stretch ye legs, and to boogie. SO MUCH ROOM TO BOOGIE. Normal seats are for lamewads. Skybridge seats are for AWESOMEWADDDDS!!!!! Dude, once you go skybridge, you never go any other kind of bridge EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sky bridge


Steve Winwood – I’m a Man / Them Changes / Can’t Find My Way Home / Medicated Goo / Low Spark of High Heeled Boys / Empty Pages / Higher Love / Dear Mr. Fantasy / Gimme Some Lovin’

Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers – So You Want to Be a Rock ‘n’ Roll Star / Mary Jane’s Last Dance / American Dream Plan B / Into the Great Wide Open / Forgotten Man / I Won’t Back Down / Free Fallin’ / A Woman in Love (It’s Not Me) / U Get Me High / Rebels / Two Gunslingers / Yer So Bad / Learning to Fly / Shadow People / I Should Have Known It / Refugee / Runnin’ Down a Dream

Encore – You Wreck Me / (I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone / American Girl

ps – Full Moon Fever is one of the fcuking greatestestesest albums ever

full moon fever


Öh Hells Yeah!

Robyn & Röyksopp
JBL Live at Pier 97
August 20th

robyn rokysopp

Dude, Robyn!
Dude, Röyksopp!!
Dude, together they made the bestest song of 2009!!!
Dude, together they made the bestest song of 2014!!!!
Dude, they touring together!!!!!
Dude, we saw them!!!!!!


Röyksopp – The Drug / Happy Up Here / What Else Is There? (with Zhala) / This Must Be It (with Zhala) / Senior Living / Remind Me / Poor Leno

Robyn – Be Mine! / Love Is Free / Set Me Free / Indestructible / Work It Out / Stars 4-Ever / Call Your Girlfriend / Dancing on My Own / With Every Heartbeat

Robyn & Röyksopp – Sayit / Every Little Thing / The Girl and the Robot / Monument / Do It Again

Encore – None of Dem

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Grahamer Rodeo

Damon Albarn
Irving Plaza
June 8th


No, that is not a picture of Damon Albarn and two dudes with their mouths gaping open – it’s Uncle Grambo, yours drooly and Grahamorama, reunited like Wu Tang, but with no double LP, but the world was still excited.  Actually the world didn’t really know or really care, but I did.  It’s not often that I get to be in the company of these extra ordinary gentlemen, and on top of that, gettin to pound whatever Miller Fortunes are is, with background music provided by my favorite living artist born post 1960 – Mr Albarn.  The show?  Damn good stuff – including tracks from his not so hot solo album + choice non-Blur project cuts (see set list below) – but what really made the show a show of shows was being with the Bros Graham, and showing them how much I loved them.  I almost humped their thighs to pieces.  Afterwards, we craved Dairy Queen, but it was closed, so instead we all took a rookie spin on a CitiBike bike, and forever changed our thighs/lives

Setlist – Lonely Press Play / Everyday Robots / Tomorrow Comes Today (Gorillaz) / Hostiles / Slow Country (Gorillaz) / Kids With Guns (Gorillaz) / Three Changes (The Good, The Bad & The Queen) / You and Me / Photographs (You Are Taking Now) / Poison (Rocket Juice & The Moon song) / El Mañana (Gorillaz) / Kingdom of Doom (The Good, The Bad & The Queen) / The History of a Cheating Heart / Out of Time (Blur) /
All Your Life (Blur) 

Encore Last Living Souls (Gorillaz) / Clint Eastwood with Vic Mensa (Gorillaz) / Mr Tembo / Heavy Seas of Love

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