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In Case You Didn’t Know – Paul McCartney Was In The Beatles

Paul McCartney
One on One Tour
Barclays Center
September 19th

Dude, Paul McCartney!!  He was in The Beatles!!!  OK, we’ve been here before!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I’ll spare you the JOing over Paul, but Paul LIVES!!!!  And I’ll give him a pass for singling out Jimmy Fallon in the audience and wishing him a happy birthday, even though Jimmy Fallon sucks and doesn’t deserve to have anything celebrated

Anywho, last night was the first time I’ve ever heard any Beatle sing ‘All My Loving’ OR ‘I Wanna Be Your Man’ live!!!!  

OK, one more time…


Thanks for being yourself Paul, and giving so much of yourself to the rest of us.  We are not worthy

Setlist – A Hard Day’s Night / Junior’s Farm / Can’t Buy Me Love / Jet / All My Loving / Let Me Roll It (followed by ‘Foxy Lady’ jam) / I’ve Got a Feeling / My Valentine / Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Five / Maybe I’m Amazed / We Can Work It Out / In Spite of All the Danger / You Won’t See Me / Love Me Do / And I Love Her / Blackbird / Here Today / Queenie Eye / New / Lady Madonna / FourFiveSeconds / Eleanor Rigby / I Wanna Be Your Man / Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite! / Something / A Day in the Life (with Give Peace a Chance snippet) / Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da / Band on the Run / Back in the U.S.S.R. / Let It Be / Live and Let Die / Hey Jude

EncoreYesterday / Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise) / Helter Skelter / Birthday / Happy Birthday to You / Golden Slumbers / Carry That Weight / The End


I'd love to turn you on #WaveYourHandsInTheAirLikeYouJustDontCare #NoWayPaulisDead #TheWalrusWasMikeHolmgren

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Roger Waters
Us + Them Tour
Barclays Center
September 11th

Not sure of Roger Waters’ stance on Jews, but I know he doesn’t like walls.  In fact, he wants them torn down.  Like the ones in Israel.  I can see his point.  Other Jews cannot.  So some Jews don’t like Roger Waters whatsoever

does this make me a Roger Waters lover Jew? #TearDownAllWalls (except @walmart) #JewsForWaters

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I am not one of those Jews.  I hope that’s OK with the rest of you Jews.  If not, it’s your loss, cause dude, Roger Waters is the fcuking BEST!!

This was my 5th time seeing the rotten ole bastard.  First two times he did Dark Side in full, then the next two me saw him Wall build and destroy!  Where did he go from there, as in two nights ago?  The best of both + a new album (which is totally NOT awful!)  

Who knows if this will be his last tour or not.  You have to assume it’s the last time, and so you juss go and see him, again and again, and I will continue to do so.  So should JEW!

And dude, LOVE the bobbed hair babes!

but seriously Roger… look, I love your faux David Gilmour – David Gilmwitz, but can’t you and David bury the BS and juss reunite???  You don’t need the money, but there would be plenty.  Do it for us, or do it cause you hate Trump more than all of us (Jews and non-Jews and Jews who hate you) combined 

First Set – Speak to Me / Breathe / One of These Days / Time / Breathe (Reprise) / The Great Gig in the Sky / Welcome to the Machine / When We Were Young / Déjà Vu / The Last Refugee / Picture That / Wish You Were Here /The Happiest Days of Our Lives / Another Brick in the Wall Part 2 / Another Brick in the Wall Part 3

Second Set  –  Dogs / Pigs (Three Different Ones) / Money / Us and Them / Smell the Roses / Brain Damage / Eclipse

EncoreVera /Bring the Boys Back Home / Comfortably Numb



CREAMing On My Knees

Eric Clapton
Madison Square Garden
September 7th

Was supposed to see Sir Eric back in 2009, as a part of the RnR HoF Anniversary Concerts, but he couldn’t make it for one reason or another, and I was left waiting.  And either I waited forever, or forgot about him, or something, or another thing, but then he announced that he was playing his ‘final’ concerts ever – a pair of shows in NY and another pair in LA, earlier this year.  Those tix went fast and left me waiting, again.  But then he was like, OK, me gonna do some more ‘final’ shows, same deal – pairs in NY & LA, and so this time I was able to make it happen, and that’s how I came to pray in front of the rock gawd that is Eric Clapton.  It was a pretty penny to pay, but I’d say worth all the pennies!

OK, so a lot of his best songs aren’t even his own, but he’s OUR hoochie coochie man!  He can shoot all the sheriffs he wants!  Even the deputies!!  Snort that Cocaine!!!  (him, not me).  And OK, he didn’t play the ONE song I REALLY wanted to hear (‘Let It Rain’), or even bothered to bother with ‘After Midnight’ (a song he’s shockingly has only played 200ish+ times), but dude, when he broke out ‘White Room’, OH MY FCUKING LORD, was I CREAMing all over myself!!!

dude,#EricClapton, #WhiteRoom

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Setlist – Somebody’s Knocking / Key to the Highway / I’m Your Hoochie Coochie Man / I Shot the Sheriff / Driftin’ Blues / Lay Down Sally / Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out / Layla / Tears in Heaven / White Room / Wonderful Tonight / Cross Road Blues / Little Queen of Spades / Cocaine

EncoreSunshine of Your Love/ Before You Accuse Me w(ith Jimmie Vaughn & Gary Clark Jr)

man, he was so wonderful that night.  if only I had a woman to dance with


Dunkin Shines

The Baker’s Dozen – Night 13
Madison Square Garden
August 6th

After being shocked and awed by Phish’s coconutty first night of their Baker’s Dozen run at MSG, I was ready for them and I to go to infinity and beyond in their 13th and final show  

Before the concert, I huddled up with my 3 diehard Phishead buddies and we all guessed as to what they were going to play.  The final flavor/theme was pink glazed donuts with rainbow sprinkles.  I had no idea what songs of their own that they would play (cause I only know like 5 of them), but I had some ideas of what themed songs that I hoped they would play

my @phish picks were born losers

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By day I’m your humble TM, but by night I’m MP, and MP’s guesses were… garbage sauce, but I really did wish they played what I guessed, and that they didn’t, or anywhere near that was actually kinda disappointing.  Sure, the boys played Bowie and the Stones and Willie Nelson, and a bunch of songs that made the faithful happy, but I really thought they were going to tear the roof off in the final night.  I mean, they did, but I just think they could have gone bigger.  Like play the Pretty In Pink soundtrack in reverse order, or something else that would be out of their comfort zone, and perhaps a little more Junior Senior-y

Still, it was the best Phish show I ever went to, but not for the music.  I me enjoyed myself cause I was with these three fellas who love Phish so much, but not as much as I love them


Set One – Dogs Stole Things / Rift / Ha Ha Ha / Camel Walk / Crazy Sometimes / Saw It Again / Sanity / Bouncing Around the Room / Most Events Aren’t Planned / Bug / I Been Around / Izabella (Jimi Hendrix cover)

Set Two – Simple / Come Together / Starman (David Bowie cover) / You Enjoy Myself / Loving Cup (The Rolling Stones cover)

Encore – On the Road Again (Willie Nelson cover) / Tweezer Reprise

a fine line for the dirty baker's dozen's final night

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Until The Nut Comes Out

The Baker’s Dozen – Night 1
Madison Square Garden
July 21st

David Bowie is no longer with us, and yet I was super lucky to even see him 1.2 times in concert.  Junior Senior are no longer together, but caught them twice and super loved it.  I missed out on those Page/Plant shows of the 90s, but I did get to hear Robert Plant some Led Zep tunes in my ear once!  The incredible Harry Nilsson barely toured when he was living, but I only grew into his genius 17 years after his passing

As for Phish, I’ve now seen them 3 times – which means I’ve seen them more than I got to see David Bowie and Robert Plant play live combined!!!  In my mind that is plain wrong, but life doesn’t work on plain wrongs – it works on plain truths.  I’ve said before that I care not for Phish and their original music, BUT they are certainly a ball of fun to see live, and are perhaps the greatest cover band of all time!  And in fact, they covered ALL the artists I mentioned above and I loved all them covers!

Donuts are handed out every night of Phish’s ‘Baker’s Dozen’ residency at MSG, and the night’s chosen flavor sets the tone for the show.  Night one’s flavor was coconut, and while Nilsson’s ‘Coconut’ was an obvious cover choice, much to the crowd’s surprise, and to mine – they opened with a cover of Junior Senior’s ‘Shake Your Coconuts’.  The Phish phollowing probably knew zero about Jr Sr, which is fitting cause I know next to nothing about Phish, and am well versed in the Denmark’s duo oeuvre, but after 3 minutes of tearing through the rip-roaring track, band, audience and me were all on the same page from the get-go

Just keep on dancing now
Just keep on getting down
Just keep on having fun
The party’s just began

it was all such awesome plain truth!

so much so, that I won’t even bother to make up a faux setlist like I did for the previous two shows I done saw!  if only Phish did a whole Junior Senior show.  that would be something… and maybe even count as my 3rd Junior Senior show, and not a 4th Phish show  

here’s another plain truth – I will probably see Phish a 4th time.  COVER ME GOODD!!

Set One – Shake Your Coconuts (Junior Senior cover) / Martian Monster / Timber (Josh White cover) / 555 / Pigtail (Trey Anastasio song) / Halfway to the Moon / Reba / Moonage Daydream (David Bowie cover) / Walls of the Cave

Set Two – Tweezer / Seven Below /  Billy Breathes /  Sparkle / Everything’s Right (Trey Anastasio Band cover) /  Slave to the Traffic Light / Suzy Greenberg /  Coconut (Harry Nilsson cover)

Encore – The Mango Song / Good Times Bad Times (Led Zeppelin cover)

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