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Rock Bottom Top

Rockefeller Center / RCA Building – City Garden Club and fountain


rockerfeller 2

fountain rockerfeller

rockerfeller fountain

rockerfeller plaza

fountain rock

fountain rocckk

photos by Samuel Herman Gottscho, April, 1934


Unwanted Poster

scary movies scared the living sh!t out of me as a kid.  so much so that I never ever wanted to watch them, EVER NEVER (I’ve become a little less sissy as the years have passed).  with the rise of VHS in the early 80s, I constantly came across tapes with covers that were so scary, they’ve literally scarred me for life.  here are two tape covers/posters that made me wish I didn’t have eyes as a kid, and STILL creep me out to this very day (although I’m sure the movies wouldn’t anymo)

happy birthday to me poster happy birthday to me


microwave massacre


Swamp Thang

Claudia Cardinale

Claudia Cardinale in 1965’s Blindfold


Portrait of a Serial Stiller

While We’re Young
Fountain of Youth Truths
Official Website | Trailers & Mo
R | 97 min

while we're young

Noah Baumbach cannot be stopped, and I hope he doesn’t, cause he keeps handing us charming little films that charm the little big pants off of us, and sometimes they make us cringe, but in the best possible way.  So what would happen if you took his gruff Ben Stiller Greenberg character, grounded him a bit more (but still let him be crazy after all these years), and then let his inner youth playfulness play out like France Ha?? I’ll tell – you get While We’re Young, which is like Girls, but with girls AND boys AND adults, and it’s like actually watchable (read – not horrible), and thensome and things!

Documentary filmmaker Stiller and producer wife Naomi Watts aren’t having a midlife crisis, but all their friends are having babies (including Ad-Rock Adam Horovitz!!!) and they aren’t, or doing much of anything, so they’re looking for something fun and new.  They find it in hipster extraordinaire couple Adam Driver and Amanda Seyfried.  Driver wants to make docs like Stiller, and Darby makes ice cream.  Stiller and Watts eat them up, take them under their wings, but it’s really Driver and Seyfried who take the ‘older’ couple under their wings – introducing them to a world where bike riding with a dope hat, hip-hop dance classes, VHS movie watching, and tripping balls on ayahuasca are the new normal

Things go well, until, well, they don’t, and Stiller starts to see a rusty lining in his dip in the fountain of youth.  Join them + Charles GrodinBrady Corbet and Ryan Serhant (perfectly playing a douche-wad just like himself) as they search for youthful truths, and adult realities

Oh, and nice Scott Rudin cameo there!!

Verdictgo: MOS DEF Jeepers Worth A Peepers

feel Young at a theater near jews

and until next thyme the balcony is clothed…


We, Robots

small wonder

Dick Christie, Tiffany Brissette & Marla Pennington are big wonderful in TV’s Small Wonder

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