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Five Alive

this was the ‘first’ high five EVER
first high five
between Dodgers Glenn Burke and Dusty Baker
on October 2, 1977

watch the 30 for 30 short on it!!!!!!!








Wonderland is an abandoned amusement park construction project located about 20 miles outside of Beijing. Originally proposed and designed to be the largest amusement park in Asia, construction stopped in 1998 following financial problems with local officials, while a 2008 attempt to start construction again also failed. The site, which featured a number of abandoned structures, including the frame work of a castle-like building and medieval-themed outer buildings, was being reclaimed by local farmers to grow their various crops while the site was abandoned


Praise Lorde

United Palace Theatre
September 16th

Lorde’s debut album has 10 tracks. The extended version has 5 more songs. She does 2 covers. If she played every single one of those songs in concert, it would be 17 total. Well, she did all the above but two (see setlist below), and with a show that was barely an hour, it was barely a waste of time. In fact, barely an hour had never felt like such an endless euphoric epoch that I wish never ended

Too be honest, I had originally bought tickets to Lorde’s show with the intention of scalping them. Why not, I mean I netted 5th row seats. But a funny thing happened on the way to Craiglist/Stubhub – the tickets never had a demand, and so there wasn’t much value in selling em. Also, in my Robyn homework that I did on Pandora, Lorde’s music kept coming up, and kept blowing my mind and ears. The choice became clear – go to the show. And the show I did go to, and thankful that all that happened, cause she was fcuking rAWEsome (ok, ok, so it’s rare that I go to a show and DON’T come away being rawked, but last nite I was totally sober and so my opinion is even more pinioned!)

I normally see musicians that are close to my age (Jack White) or twice it (Brian Wilson), but rarely do I see anyone do anything that’s half my age (that doesn’t involve sports). Well, Lorde may be 17 or 18 or whatever, but she seems wise beyond her years/crazy hair/beyond crazy dancing, and I look forward to hearing her sweet sweet music until I’m as old as Brian Wilson


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