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Prog, Check Republic

Madison Square Garden
June 29th

rush double

Rush has been around for 40 years, and apparently their R40 tour may be their last tour.  Who are they kidding??  This Canadian trio – Geddy Lee / Alex Lifeson / Neil Peart – are in their early 60s, and yet they are kicking it as if they were in their 20s.  There might not be a tighter trio going on earth, well, besides me, my mouth and Popeyes Fried Chicken

Seeing them, FINALLY, was part obligation (I’ve been in love ever since I got my hands on the double CD set Chronicles via BMG Music Service), and partly cause I like me some kick ass rock, and the fellas did not disappoint – playing a career spanning show, in reverse chronological order.  Even the stage decorations got less and less extravagant as the night wore on – going from glitz (a popcorn maker and some washing machines!?) to back to basics (just a few amps) by the time the show ended, some 3 hours later(!!!)!

And what did I take away from this show? The sight of double guitars!! and double bass guitars!!  And Neil Peart’s dumb skully,  and how Alex Lifeson looks exactly like David Warner (sorta not really!).  And things, and stuff!!


Set 1 – The Anarchist / Headlong Flight / Far Cry / The Main Monkey Business / One Little Victory / Animate / Roll the Bones / Distant Early Warning  /Losing It (with Jonathan Dinklage) / Subdivisions(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Set 2 – Tom Sawyer / Red Barchetta / The Spirit of Radio / Jacob’s Ladder  / Cygnus X-1 Book II: Hemispheres Part I: Prelude / Cygnus X-1 / Closer to the Heart / Xanadu  / 2112 Part I: Overture / 2112 Part II: The Temples of Syrinx / 2112 Part IV: Presentation / 2112 Part VII: Grand Finale

EncoreLakeside Park / Anthem / What You’re Doing / Working Man 

double guitars


Defying Deaths

Peace The Forks Out


The Other Dick Van

eight is enouggh

spaceballs van patten

dick van dogs

dick van paten


Jerry’s Wife/Ben’s Mom/Anne Meara

anne jerry  the stillers

alf anne


THE John Steed


diana rigg steed

twiggy steed




his mind was beautiful 

Manson Family divorcer

little James Horner

oh no Yes

Fred Flinstone’s boss + other Hanna Barberians 

plastic pink flamingo dude

last original NBA employee

Ornette Coleman


Mother Theresa II

the voice of the Chiquita Banana


that other that guy

that other that that guy

a true dingbat of fonts


realllllly old movie gangster

Nature Boy

the first student-athlete 

he hearted heart-shaped bathtubs

Tariq Aziz, who made berets & mustaches & giant glasses look awesome


she made costumes for the Beatles & Bond

F Scott Fitzgerald’s final secretary

King of Easy Listening

Picasso’s right arm

not Ringo’s sister

blaze starr

little boy who got to look at MM

Mr Comcast

El Kickador/Univision-er

a Weaver

Woody Allen’s Jack Rollins

jack rollins

Texas A&M’s first Heisman winner

some surfer pioneer guy

some country singer

boxing movie producer dude

U2’s manager

this spicy Italian chick

Laura Antonelli3

Laura Antonelli paint

Queen of Versailles’s princess

Joe Biden’s son

Charles Barkley’s mom

Penelope Cruz’s padre

Jason Voorhees’ mom

betsy palmer

he once owned the Mets (not the Nats do:)

some comedy writer

some British actor who turned down the role of James Bond

some Russian guy

some chess guy

some Scottish actor

some fat British bloke

the guy who gave us this

mlb logo

a King of media

a White House Chef

MGM Resorter

what a drag

zilla was his god

Stand By Me‘s Milo Pressman

he printed LA stories

a trotter of globes

some old actor

she shot this and that and those other things

Mary Ellen Mark

Mr Superdawg

150 year old Galápagos tortoise

world’s tallest cow


the guy who made headlines

headless body topless


Rock Mountain Highs

Colorado, you too good to me & we (wife and me)!!

We came for the food, and wine

cover star

and to watch people be alcoholics 

drink aspen

and see new chefs and people with bobs

food and wine

and pause for the claws


and eat out of tin pans like orphans

denver food

and try to avoid having a heart-attack 

chicken biscuit

and get fatter by juss looking at food


and question other food, as in, ‘is this food?


and eat the local candies


and check out one of America’s more faaancy looking Maccy D’s

mc donalds aspen

and visit THE original Chipotle!!

OG chipotle

but it wasn’t juss about eating!

it was also about recycling!!

and the stars!  and bothering them!!!

John Salley is so tall & friendly & tall!!

john salley

and the Jacques Pépin was m-mightier then the sw-sword!!


and da Iron Chef, getting frisky with my Iron Curtained honey


and Ryan Zimmerman and Jordan Zimmermann’s brother Andrew Zimmern

andrew z

and Canadian Jew Gail Simmons!

gail simmons

and yer looking at the new hosts of NBC’s The Today Show – Sara Palan, Justin Chapple, Tamron Hall and Me

tamran hall

and Pink!  who had pink hair!


and this guy who isn’t famous, but famous to we cause he gave us 23891239123939 pairs of shades

shades man 

and my new BFF – Drew Barrymore

me drew 1mew drew 2me drew 3

but but but but

Colorado aint really about all the above

it’s about the mountains


aspen mountain  


mountain sky 


aspen hill

mountain tunnel

vail mt 2

vail mt

and a zillion other amazinnnnnnnnnnng views

like the one at Coors Field (AWESOME STADIUM!!)

rockies coors field

and the Jurassic Best Western

jurassic park best western

AND RED ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

where I’ve always wanted to go ever since I grew up red-rocking out to this

and I did!

place is UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rec rocks

so jealous people get to see concerts here (and exercise)

and then there was the Mile Hi Church

 mile hi

look familiar?



sleeper 2

my only regret?  (besides not living in Colorado?)

jew rockies

not being at Coors Field for yarmulke night




X-rays of the hands of King George V and Queen Mary, 1896
royal x-rays



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