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(To Be) Young, Omitted & Black

This Boy’s Life In Three Acts
Official Site | Trailer & Mo
R | 110 min



I usually don’t start these reviews by displaying the movie’s poster, let alone TWO posters, but not one picture can fully capture what’s going on in Barry JenkinsMoonlight – a tale of a(n African-American) boy becoming a (gay) man, told in three acts, like these posters can!

Act I was fantastic.  The boy – known as ‘Little’ (Alex R Hibbert) – is too shy to even speak – speak about not fitting in with the other boys, or what’s going on/wrong with his strung-out mom (Naomie Harris – trolling hardcore for Oscar bait, but I didn’t take the bait).  He finds solace in the hands and home of a drug dealer with a heart of gold (an incredible Mahershala Ali) and his beautiful lady friend (the beautiful singer Janelle Monáe, making her screen debut)

Life moves on… to Act II, which perhaps is even more fantastic than Act I was, where ‘Little’ now goes by ‘Chiron’, his birth name.  This high school version of the boy is still a fragile egg, but at least he has a better understanding of how the world works… apparently working against him.  His mom’s even more of a mess than before, and he still can’t fit in with the boys, cause he likes boys, but not ready to let that part of him out.  This version is played by Ashton Sanders, who holds the weight of his character’s sh!tty world mightily on his shoulders.  Sanders reminds me a lot of another up-and-comer – Keith Stanfield.  I’d love to see the two in a movie together (but not a buddy-cop one)

The third Act, where our boy is now a man, and goes by the name ‘Black’ (the 50 Cent-looking Trevante Rhodes), is important to the character’s arc, but not nearly as interesting or impactful as the previous two acts.  He finally comes to terms with who he truly is, and reunites with a former classmate, who we’ve also seen grow alongside him in each act (this final iteration played by the forver smiling André Holland).  It’s nice to see the two find peace with themselves and one another, but this final act is basically watching one long slow-a$$ scene of two dudes having dinner in a diner

Moonlight certainly shines, but could have been a bit more brighter, and a bit more fuller than the waxing gibbous that it ultimate is

Worth checking out – Jenkins’ previous feature/his debut – Medicine for Melancholy

Verdictgo: Jeepers Worth A Peepers

Moonlight rises, currently in limited release

and until next thyme the balcony is clothed…


The Great (Fiber) One




I’ve never done an NHL season preview before, and although the season already started, here’s a prediction – the Caps suck


Them & The Holograms

Tidal X 10/15
Barclays Center
October 15th

I know nothing of modern music.  I was born too late to be a teen rocking out to the music of the 60s that I truly love and live for.  But here I am, in the twenty first würst century and I want to know what the kids are into.  I’ve tried to tune into the MTV Video Music Awards year after year, but I quickly tune out after realizing that this is not my cup of tea’s nutz.  Well, Jay-Z’s Tidal streaming service held a 2nd annual Tidal night of musicness, and I said, well, my wife and I like that one DNCE song, and I’ve never seen Beyoncé live, so why the hell not!

We didn’t arrive on time, so we missed probably the one and only time we’d hear Robin Thicke play live (unless he ever decides to tour with his divorced parents), and we left early, cause 4 hours may work for Bruce Springsteen, but it doesn’t work for me, so we missed out on Alicia Keys (who I had sorta heard live once before), but what we got was A LOT!!!!  Look at all these names!!!!


Who are 1/2 of the people?  I think that’s the point, and I did really enjoy all the ones who actually played an instrument – cause you could actually hear what they were playing.  Stand outs in my mind were Kevin Garrett and Emeli Sandé.  The other acts were mainly rappers, and were too loud and distorted to understand, or enjoy

As for DNCE?  WAY NICE!!!!  They were rocking!  Did I ever think I’d say that about a Jonas brother?  Well, I didn’t ever think about a lot of things, but sometimes life hands you lemons and Jonas brother bands that are actually way rocking!!

and while it was nice to see Lauryn Hill, alive, performing, and showing up in general, the showstopping showstopper of the evening was whatever Beyoncé was doing with those holograms.  Sh!t was TIGHT, and confusing, and led me to believe that maybe seeing holograms in concert, in the future, isn’t necessarily the würstest thing


Let’s Be Franck

little known fact…

Martin Short’s wedding coordinator character from Father of The Bride – Franck Eggelhoffer


is based off of a real life wedding coordinator!!!

Kevin Lee!


whose past client list includes Oprah Winfrey, Tom Cruise, Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, Arnold Schwarzeneggar, Sharon Osbourne, Keanu Reeves, Sela Ward, Lionel Richie, Angelica Huston, Wolfgang Puck, Frank Sinatra and Michael Jackson!!!

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