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When Life Gives You Meadowlark Lemon, Make Meadowlark Lemonade

Peace The Forks Out


Frey Guy

glenn frey


Gruffy Loggia



The Stoned Temple Pilot



lemmy motorhead


The Voice of
Disney’s Robin Hood

disney robin hood



schinder one day at a time



Trapper John

Haskell Wexler

Vilmos Zsigmond

Dolph Schayes

Dave Henderson

Natalie Cole

the best Marchibroda ever!


the voice of Boba Fett

Ellsworth Kelly


a Mott the Hoopler

Lawrence Phillips

Ghostbusters Mayor

ghosbusters mayor

he was in Hitchock’s Rope – one of Hitch’s best movies!!!!

Bachelor Father daughter

that guy from All My Children

he North Faced the music

Céline Dion’s brother AND husband

Monte Irvin

hot pants mother

Last Survivor of 1906 San Francisco Earthquake!!!

Grizzly Adams!

grizzy adams

his book became Munich

Bee Gees Manager

wrote first ep of Star Trek + 1/2 of Logan’s Run

Oscar Campaign Publicist dude


Specials drummer

Motörhead drummer

Godfather casting director

inventor of the mini-skirt

Fletch’s editor

fletch Richard Libertini

she sang songs

he played a uke in Shallow Hal

Paris brothel lady

Jonestown attack survivor

some old actress

he was served

Norman Mailer’s ex-wife who he stabbed!

Cha Cha

Meadowlark Lemon

meadowlark lemondae meadowlark

Phi Slama Jama coach

Moore Dickie

Hot Rod Williams

a Butler bulldog

some Yankee

some Bullish guy

some American runner

some Soviet heavy

some boxer

that guy from The Lost Boys

lost boys 3

lost boys 2

lost boys

the Williams in Williams-Sonoma

she made room for daddy

Mr Staples

some country singer

Bill Parcells mentor

from a specific hospital

mini American Horror Story-er

Mr Robot

un-yummy Berger


you’re up next!!!!!!!

Ken Beatrice

so long everyone

eagles lebowsku


All Hans Team

Peace The Forks Out


Alan Rickman

hans gruber

hans gruber rickman

hans gruber falls

rickman hoood

rickman robin hood

rickman robinhood

rickman awful

rickman faces

rickman sense

rickman galaxy

rickman galaxy quest

rickman quest

snape rickman

rickman snape

snape rickman clap

alan rickman love actually

rickman dance

Alan Rickman made cracking a smile look like an impossibly herculean feat, and yet he gave us all so much to smile about.  thank you Alan Rickman


Secret Asian Man

Peace The Forks Out


The Face of Leather

gunnar leatherface



Maureen O’Hara


maureen o hara


The Finest Game Show Host Ever – Jim Perry

jim perry

jim sale of century 

jim card
jim sharks


Big Al Delvecchio

al days happy

al happy days


He Made TV Mobiles


munster mobile


the guy who wrote



Allen Toussaint

Yo! MTV Raps creator



he lit fires to chariots

the dude that gave us theseus!!

ghosbusters logo

lampoon kill this dog

that Indian actor guy!

Philthy Animal

he found a Gateway

Flip Saunders

he was Henry the VIII (who hasn’t?)

he won 4 Stanley Cups

two Olympic golds in 800-meter eventer

he went to two Super Bowls

Fred Thompson

Fred Thompson

former president of South Korea

fifth president of Israel

greatest scout of all time

Cary Grant ‘wife’

he was mad Fly

he netted Maris for the Yanks

Legendary San Fran stripper

some artist

some basketball coach

Don Vito

don vito

Cap’n Mitch

‘Fast Eddie’ Hoh

he had one life to live

IBM’s mainframe main dude

Britain’s most famous brothel keeper

(Bartles &) Jaymes

jaymes bartles

some folk singer

Hobby’s Deli guy

Mars Bar dude


he was Brave

Deadwood guy dead as wood

a Jew who’s twin was a Nazi!!!

skateboarding dog


Details Magazine

many covers of which, lived on my teenage wall

which also gave us the scariest photo I’ve ever seen


The Betamax format

betmax ad

betmax shining


beta hifi

betmax colors


Peace The Forks out to all those people in Paris, and all the people who aren’t famous around the world who have died.  we’re thinking of you :(


It Ain’t Over ’til It’s Over

Peace The Forks Out


1 Dog Night

tocuh me cory wells

cory wells 2


Yogi Berra

yogi smile


yogi yank

yogi 2

yoji mets

yogi bear berra



Jackie Collins

jackie collins


Black Moses



moses bullets


Dom DeLuise The II

k paul

dom paul


The Log Lady

log lady

log lady 2

log lady 3

log lady 4



Joan Leslie

he took us on a ‘Sea Cruise’

he co-Zolofted

Lt Kevin Riley

he hid Americans

he was good to the last drop

Police Academy 1er

he saved Ronny

saved reagen

helped put man on moon

the 10th GB Packers head coach

she helped Petticoat Junction function

a Jimmy Olsen

a Sha Na Na-er

REO Speedwagon guitarist


Dean Jones

dean jones

Joaquin Andujar

Remo Williams’ maker

Lorimar Productioner

he connected with French

James Taylor’s mother dies at 92

LL Bean counter

he had it covered

dylan grts hits

Uncle Pat

Mrs Zappa

he took many pitching Chances

NATO commander

saxy Stooge

Dickie Moore

dickie moore

Marty Ingels/Mr Shirley Jones

he directed disasters

Kirk Douglas’ sister

that guy

that Disney kid

yeller soda

a Knick

Janus films dude

a Legend-ary actor

he survived Otis Redding

bagel machine man

Jean Darling

jean darling

press officer at Motown Records

he was strange

a TV man of #s

longtime owner of Michigan’s oldest gay bar

Mr Reston, VA

Mrs Fried Chicken

willie mae scotch

Pirate caller

Paul Sorvino’s Brother

a B-way director

Japanese-American who fought Japan on behalf of America in WWII!

the oldest remaining survivor of the San Francisco earthquake of 1906!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mr Subway – Frank DeLuca

frank deluca

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