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Llegar al Punto (Get To The Point)

poster for the August 1981 release of Stripes in Argentina, under the title El Pelotón Chiflado (The Crazy Squad)



How To Train Your Spotting

‘I read the script for Trainspotting and in the film Ewan’s character goes into the toilet for a swim. The whole point of the Trainspotting shoot was that it was very fashiony – there was a black and white CK shoot out at the same time – so we wanted to keep people guessing and make it a little confusing’ – Lorenzo Agius, August 2009

above are the photos that weren’t used in the film’s iconic posters


How Trainspotting’s poster campaign was made


Pop(elka) Art

Czech poster for Cinderella

by Karel Vaca, 1970


Ferris Ruota

while the rest of us were just thinking about it… Ferris borrowed a Ferrari and did it .. all in a day

1987 Italian poster for Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

artwork by A Perkins

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