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NFC East Likely To Succeed

celebrate the living, while it lives

a look back at RFK Stadium

love it how RFK still (barely) stands, while Texas, Giants & Veterans stadiums have all gotsen demolished!!!!  SO LONG DUMPHOLES!!!


Cliff Notes

we loath everything about faux Cliff Engle sweaters, but LOVES the idea of these faux Cliff Engle sweater HATS!!!! (only avails, thus far, in 4 team stizzles)

don’t 5get, tis never too late to start your own
Cliff Engle sweater collection


Gawd Bless You
Daniel M Snyder

what is right with this picture?

everything.  still can’t believe mine eyes.  we say 8-8. we say fall trips to STL & CHI are happening.  we say hide your women and fried chicken (from us, not our new BFF Dono)

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