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Garyland, My Garyland

thanks Gary

you were always Cole as ice!!!

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New HumpScheyer

this might be our most flavroite group of Twerps of balls thyme

speaking of balls + Scheyer’s mug


JJ Is Redickulously Gay

or is he not?

Skins Season Three, Episode 7: JJ [trailer]

what an incredible f%cking episode!! we’ve seen all of Season Three and this juss may be our mos flavorite of the lot. yes, even more so than the one revolving around the Fitch Twins, which will be reviewed in the cuming weeks. JJ (or ‘Gay J’ as he’s affectionately called by friends and enemies alike) is a total dweeb and a half and 3/4s (he’s like Jesse Eisenberg but even less sexy and more annoying than Eisbenberg’s Pepsi sister Hallie Kate), but after sitting on the sidelines for several eps, letting Cook, Freddie and Effy toy with his emotions and take advantage of his kindness, he’s mad as hell and he aint gonna takes its no mo!! there’s too much goody good gumdropedness abound to spill the beans on any of it, and if you don’t even know who JJ is in the first place then you bestest get yer priorities straight and starting watching Skins from the beginning. seriously folk musicians, this is a show not to be missed. we means, besides maybe The Office or Twin Peaks, have you ever seen us so heels over head for a TV show? and do you think we’d lead you astray or ashtray?

anywho, without further ado about Bob McAdoo…

This Week In Fitch/Prescott Twins Action Jackson Award

so who be the one?




this week’s action was harder to call than calling Arsenio Hall collect when he’s sleeping on a couch in the middle of a street!!! Emily was the opening line’s early favorite, esp after last week’s carpetmunching/bagging, but did you see that shot above of Katie riding a certain someone???

m’yes, that was lovely bones and all, and it did score her some bonus boner points, but we have to give the edge to skinner and bones Ems

so Ms Emily Fitch, how does that make you feel?

(buy this animated gif on a shirt! or a skateboard! if only! techmology aint there yet for animated gif clothing, but hopefully one day it willss!!!)

er, um, OK E-gal. then why don’t you tell us if you want to have sex with girls or not…

Emily: I want to have sex with girls.

JJ: Right.

Emily: Yeah. I like girls. I like sex with girls. I like their rosy lips, their hard nipples, bums, soft thighs. I like tits and fanny, you know? There. I’ve said it.

wooooooooooooooah! you had us at ‘I

and Gay J had you at boob grab!!
which was followed by

a boob flash!!!!! with no actual onscreen boobs :(

which was followed later in the ep
with more Emily boob grabs!!!!



Scheyer Face The Nation II

remember Scheyer Face The Nation I? you didn’t ask for it, but boy are you gonna get it: ROUND II!!!

with much help and luv to the Turtle Sports Report!

now shut up!

and play!

go TERPS (and Mizzou)!!!

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