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Cerebral Ballsy

malted ball

John Ciccotelli, 21 and living in Canton, Massachusetts, worked for a national candy manufacturer. There he created what he believed was the world’s largest malted milk ball. ‘I’ve had it notarized,’ said Ciccotelli. Most malted milk balls are about three-quarters of an inch in diameter. Ciccotelli’s is seven and one half inches in diameter and weighed nearly 3 pounds. photo by Bill Curtis – July 22, 1977


Record Breaking in New England


Coke Isn’t It!

coke girl

Glad It’s back - Michelle Gahwiler’s tastes buds celebrated when she heard the old taste of Coke will be back. The other stuff tasted like Pepsi – the 11-year-old Cambridge (Ontario, Canada) girl said about the new formula. Coke announced it will sell both kinds just 78 days after launching the new formula

photo by Dick Darrell – July 11, 1985


Pies Wide Shut

pie face

underneath all that goo are smile of the top winners in pie eating contest. Patrolman Joe Hale backs up Claudia Deats, 12, of 2745 Zenobia Street, Frank Diaz, 10, of 1162 26th Street, champion, and John Aoyagi, 12, of 2203 Lawrence. Denver Post, May 13, 1954

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