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Drink Before You Act

a ‘Vesuvius’ cocktail on the bar of the Zebra Room at the Town House Hotel in Los Angeles, California, 1946. The Vesuvius contains grenadine, creme de menthe, Cointreau, Southern Comfort, topped off with lemon rind soaked in rum and dipped in sugar, and set on fire. photo by Walter Sanders/The LIFE Picture Collection



actor Geene Courtney models a scarf, skirt, bracelets, and a crown made from hot dogs, frankfurters, and kielbasa in her role as Queen of National Hot Dog Week, as selected by the Zion Meat Products Company. She wears a bikini, and kneels with one hand on her hip.  circa 1955

Miss Fabulous Frankfurter Lorraine Cole is crowned Frankfurter Queen 1956 by Hebrew National at the Hotel Wellington on 55th Street


Turk(ey) 182(,000)

turkeys for sale, Marmion Road, Southsea Common, Portsmouth, England, Christmas 1926

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