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Gentlemen Prefer Thighs

Marilyn Monroe Posing with a Turkey

mm turkey2

mm turkey3

mm turkey4

mm turkey 6

wearing a costume that is half-Puritan, half-chorine, pretty Marilyn Monroe seems to have little desire to hunt turkey after finding this gobbler, still ‘stumping’ long after Election Day. Currently seen in All About Eve, this movie starlet seems just as frightened by the gun as the bird is. photo dated November 10, 1950 – Hollywood


Folksy Food Fun

Hot ShoppesBethesda, Maryland location, on its last day of operation, 1995

hot shoppes maryland

here’s the very first Hot Shoppe ever, Washington, DC, circa 1927

hot shoppee

Hot Shoppes is dead, but kinda was reborn in a DC Marriott


Walt & Pepper

walt chicken

Walt Disney’s favorite foods

• Chicken Fry Cube Steak
• Roast Lamb with Potatoes and Gravy
• Pan-fried Chicken with Potatoes and Gravy
• Roast Chicken with Dressing and Gravy
• Spam and Eggs with Biscuits and Honey
• Oyster Stew with Crackers and Cheese
• Breaded Veal Cutlets with Bread and Gravy
• Chasen’s Chili and Beans
• NOTE: Only one vegetable with meals — corn, canned peas, leaf spinach, stewed tomatoes, etc.

• Carrot and Raisin
• Waldorf
• Tomato and Cucumber
• Chef’s Salad

• Jell-O — All flavors with pieces of fruit
• Diet Custards
• Pineapple — Fresh or Canned
• Fruit — Fresh or Canned

[more where that came from]

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