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Dressings You Up In My Love

Ken’s Steak House dressings

kens salad dxressinbfgs

were born at…



yep, Ken’s Steak House!!

kens postcard

kens menu

kens menu2

kens matches

which still exists!!!

kens me

kens awning

kens dressinfgs

kens dinning room steak house

kens hoitsoyr

I ordered a salad to go, with the Ken’s dressing of my choice – Italian – for $3! The salad was basic, but the dressing was fantastic! and they even threw in 3 delicious onion rolls! I’M ALL ABOUT OG KEN’S NOW!!!



Chuck E Yes Please

there’s a thing called a…

Pizza ATM!!!!

pizza atm

and America’s first is at Xavier University!!!!


pizza atm

pizza atm how it works

still, we’re not quite here yet…

pizza hut bttf

bttf pizza

pizza bttf


Het Is de Real Thing

Coca-Cola is the longest continuous sponsor of the Olympic Games, with a partnership that began with the IXth Olympic Games in Amsterdam, 1928  

coke oylympics

heerlijk en verfrisschend = delicious & refreshing

coke amsterdam olympics

1,000 cases of Coca-Cola were sent to those Summer Games.  vendors sold Coke in bottles from kiosks located around the Olympic Stadium and the Rowing Course, but very few promotional materials connected Coca-Cola to the Games.  the exception – customized signs that were created by an American art student and hung over each of the entrances to the stadium


Killer Cereal

two things I didn’t know…

Bugles are 52 years old!!!


bugles 2

and they TWICE tried to make cereals out of them!


cornados cereal

sugar cones

13 more forgotten cereals from the 1960s


Super Power Goes To The Supermarket

boris houston

bors supermakert

boris veggies

boris onion

boris fruits

boris supermarlket

September 16, 1989 – Boris Yeltsin and a handful of Soviet companions made an unscheduled 20-minute visit to a Randall’s Supermarket after touring the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. Between trying free samples of cheese and produce and staring at the meat selections, Yeltsin roamed the aisles of Randall’s nodding his head in amazement

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