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Coke Isn’t It!

coke girl

Glad It’s back Michelle Gahwiler’s tastes buds celebrated when she heard the old taste of Coke will be back. The other stuff tasted like Pepsi – the 11-year-old Cambridge (Ontario, Canada) girl said about the new formula. Coke announced it will sell both kinds just 78 days after launching the new formula

photo by Dick Darrell – July 11, 1985


Won If By Landspeeder,
And Boo If By Sea

The Coke Landspeeder

Coke One!!!!!

3 years too late on this, but WOAH!


Obi, juss straight-up chillin

been to that new drink spot, Jabba Juice?

Darth needs a lot of force to get this crap outta his ass cheeks

all stolen from nowhere else but Retro Star Wars!!!

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