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Mr. TK-421

this picture of Mr. T and R2-D2 has no context, but seems so perfect despite having no context

this Mr. T-themed R2-D2 has context, but makes no sense in and out of its context

it’s a mad, mad, mad, mad world, go figure!


Bantha 8-Tracks

a long time ago, in a thighmaster family vehicle far far lame – we had an 8-track player, and we had the The Story of Star Wars 8-track, and it was awesome!!!

story of star wars 8 track

story of star wars

8 track back star wars story of star wars label 8 track star wars box





Galasstic Empire

you remember the Burger King Star Wars glasses, right?????

bk star wars front

bk star wars back

if you didn’t, eBay awaits! (the Empire ones are the tres bestest!)

but wait, there were also posters of the Dale (or is it Del?) Nichols art that was used on the glasses????????????????

bk star wars c3po

bk star wars chewie

bk star wars luke

bk star wars darth

 [via Space: 1970]

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