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Wet T-Shirt No Contest

the deep     deep wet bissett

deep water

bissset deep

JacquelineBisset1977TheDeep 4

JacquelineBisset1977TheDeep 3


JacquelineBisset1977TheDeep 2

bless you Jacqueline Bisset and water and t-shirts and the combo of all three


Star Wars Flashback: When No Theater Wanted to Show the Movie in 1977 (and wanted to show wet t-shirts instead!)


Cerebral Ballsy

malted ball

John Ciccotelli, 21 and living in Canton, Massachusetts, worked for a national candy manufacturer. There he created what he believed was the world’s largest malted milk ball. ‘I’ve had it notarized,’ said Ciccotelli. Most malted milk balls are about three-quarters of an inch in diameter. Ciccotelli’s is seven and one half inches in diameter and weighed nearly 3 pounds. photo by Bill Curtis – July 22, 1977

Record Breaking in New England


Galasstic Empire

you remember the Burger King Star Wars glasses, right?????

bk star wars front

bk star wars back

if you didn’t, eBay awaits! (the Empire ones are the tres bestest!)

but wait, there were also posters of the Dale (or is it Del?) Nichols art that was used on the glasses????????????????

bk star wars c3po

bk star wars chewie

bk star wars luke

bk star wars darth

 [via Space: 1970]

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