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Galasstic Empire

you remember the Burger King Star Wars glasses, right?????

bk star wars front

bk star wars back

if you didn’t, eBay awaits! (the Empire ones are the tres bestest!)

but wait, there were also posters of the Dale (or is it Del?) Nichols art that was used on the glasses????????????????

bk star wars c3po

bk star wars chewie

bk star wars luke

bk star wars darth

 [via Space: 1970]

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Landfill The Void

Risa Jaroslow and Dancers, by Johan Elbers, September 14, 1980

wtc sunbathe
Battery Park City landfill, by Fred R Conrad, 1977

wtc sand dune
WTC 21 – Battery Park City sand dunes by stevensiegel260

wtc heart
the New Colossus 2 –  Michael Callen astride the sand


Battery Park City [wiki]

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November 7, 1977

a date that will live in thighfamy

cause I was born on this day

and I was born to love 

thanks for joining me on this journey of sense-non, movies, boobs and dumb sh!t

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