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This Used To Be His Playground

D-Day at Ebbets Field – Roy Campanella, former catcher for the Dodgers, as he took a last look at the baseball field that held many memories for him, 1960


Life As We Snow It

Mario Carosa cleans snow from his windshield in Brooklyn today, February 2, 1962


Life’s A Beach & Then You Marry One

make a beach

two people embracing on the beach at Jacob Riis Park in Brooklyn, New York on July 2, 1974

photo by Waring Abbott


Thighs Wide Movies 2015

1) Deli Man

deli man

I never reviewed this documentary, cause I saw it on a plane, and I usually don’t review movies I’ve seen on planes.  It was the perfect plane movie, but it was also the perfect movie movie – it was funny, and entertaining, and informative, and it actually made me cry – tears of joy.  It also made me proud to be Jewish, and reminded me what I value most of my Judaism – tradition thru food, and how we must never lose either.  Levy’s Rye said you didn’t have to be Jewish to love their bread, and the same is true of this documentary.  Bless you Ziggy Gruber – you are the Jewish Ziggy Stardust

there were plenty of other grrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat films in the ’15 of 2000, but instead of ranking them against one another, this year I’m juss gonna lump them together, saying they all grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat – in reverse alphabetical order…


Straight Out of Compton


if Paul Giamatti is your movie’s main a$$hole, and your soundtrack is NWA, you have a surefire hit

Star Wars – The Force Awakens

force awakens

JJ Abrams may have played it safe, leaning on the past, but that’s what the people wanted, and he gave us stuff we didn’t even know we wanted – a Rey of hope for the future  

George Lucas who?



it’s the Zodiac of priest abusing children movies!!

Son of Saul

son of saul

imagine the intensity of Saving Private Ryan, but strip the patriotism and cheese, set it in and around a concentration camp, and let the horror destroy your senses – yes the würst date movie of 2015 is also one of its best!

The Search For General Tso

search general tso

a MUST for anyone who eats Chinese food in America (aka, every American)

The Martian

who said Ridley Scott needed aliens to make space wonder-full?

Maps To The Stars

maps to the stars

I had to pick one fcuked up movie to make my list, so why not the one that says incest is best/würst!!!

Mad Max – Fury Road

I mean the guy with the flamethrower guitar was the tamest part of the movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


this is the movie American Hustle should have been, but wasn’t, but this is Joy, and Joy was all American, all hustle, and all awesome

The Intern

schmaltz-o ball soup for the soul.  I SLURPPED IT UP BIG TIME.  can’t wait to watch it on cable for eons to come!!

The Death of Superman Lives, What Happened?

superman lives

the (second) greatest doc ever made about the (second) greatest film never made 

(the first was last year’s #1)


some things DO get better with age


they say they don’t make movies like they used to, but they wrong.  they should say they should make more movies like this

Black Mass

Deep as Whitey gave me a bulger in my pants

The Big Short

finally, a movie about the economic collapse that doesn’t make you want to take a coll-nap


too bad the title Trainwreck was wasted on another movie



and now for the…

Honor Blackmanable Mentions

honor blackman sean

Vacation / While We’re Young / Tomorrowland / Steve Jobs / Rosenwald / Room / Pitch Perfect 2 / Kingsman: The Secret Service / It Follows / Iris / Furious 7 / Ex Machina / The Danish Girl


our annual anal movie awards – The Thighsmans – drops the week of the Oscars 

until then, here’s the bestest films of yesterhere

& 2002


Irish Sprung

Heart Is Where The Home Is
Official Website | Trailers & Mo
PG-13 | 111 min


Saoirse Ronan has beautiful, yet super creepy laser-blue eyes.  They were super creepy when she made bad things happen in Atonement.  But now she’s a bit older, and so they’ve become a little less creepy, and in John Crowley/Nick Hornby/Colm Tóibín Brooklyn movie, dem eyes aint creepy at all – as they are filled with and the exuder of udder sadness and absolute happiness, and those eyes are everything  

Her character - Eilis (which is apparently pronounced Aiiiiilllllllllllish) leaves her ma and sis in Ireland for America (a scene early in the movie that almost had me in insta-tears).  She works at a department store, but misses her family and Irish Spring and Lucky Charms, but luckily there are lots of Irish things in America – like O’Doul’s and McDonalds and Jim Broadbent and Julie Walters.  Phew  

And then things change when an Italian Brooklyn boy (the sappy smirky good Emory Cohen) makes his way into her life, making America feel more like home than her old home.  But then tragedy strikes back home, and so she goes home, and is kinda swept up in old home and is having second thoughts about new home, and there’s this great Irish redheaded guy (Domhnall Gleeson, in his 1919239939192193th movie of 2015), and so she’s conflicted and arggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!  

I kept waiting for wrong turns and bad things to happen, but this movie isn’t like that.  This movie stands for good, and is way beyond good.  It reminds me that movies can be positive, without having to be edgy or showy or anything else besides a great story and great storytelling.  Boy voyage and land ho!  Spring for this Irish tale, and u2 can enjoy it’s wonder and wonderment!

Verdictgo: Breast In Show

Brooklyn boroughs currently at a theater near jews/irish people

and until next thyme the balcony is clothed…

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