A Cockwork Orange Julius Caesar Chavez Salad Tossin

Cuthbest = bestcuth!

[Moo Hotties]

No wonder Wanda always had reservations about givin up that luscious jacksony tang to Doogie

many Bothan spies died to tell us that PW Botha, William Styron, and Mr Eko all peaced the fork out, as well as Bob Barker‘s decisish to dump his super amazin super slim microphone

the real stories behind Borat

the usual Alex James spreadin Blur reunion blather leads the Snob to hump the Queen, for good or for bad

Rev Al Sharpton hates the NFL network more than Andy Rooney hates people who wear American flag pins

Kevin from The Office, no longer a canidate for the Nats job [DC Bestest Guy]

here’s yer chance to help make the National Mall > than Scenes From A Mall

I’ve heard of Miami of Ohio, and even lame-o-er than lame-o Indiana of Pennsyvania, but California University of Pennsylvania? I would never drink to that CUP!

Monica Bellucci in Italy’s GQ, always barely SFW

The Most Brilliant Thing You’ll See All Day [Boris Becker’s Love Child]

Wikipedia: Lamest edit wars

Celebs In Lingerie

Friday the 13th: In 7 Minutes

Top Ten Female Streakers [The Terrible Bowler]

Knuckle Tattoos

Dog Ties

Camp Camp

Top Gun T Shirts

Bunny Yawns

Little People

Tootie’s Bong [De La Roachclip]

Men of Mortuaries

Melting Ice Pops 1999-2004

Debbie McGee Models

Cindy Margolis Playboy Scans, butter late than never say never again [NSFW]

and the Bloodsport Mentos Commercial

[The Shoemaker]

and m’yes, today I turn another year old
and m’yes, you totally forget to buy me those subscrips to Highlights AND Latin Inches that I asked for!

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