A Piece of The Heir Pie

• Well I guess we can cross her off the list of potential heirs to the throne! That leaves Mischa & Harley Quinn in a dead heat for Thighdom. But don’t worry hun, I won’t ever forget dem BUNS! [last via UMC]

• But how could I forget about Alba, and all these HOT pics?

• Spice Girls AXED from Live 8? Make up yer minds already. I’ve haven’t seen this much back and forth since I peeped that above Moore’s buns thing link!

• Is that Paris showing us her teets, or is it someone that looks like Paris? Either way, someone’s showing us their teets!! [NSFW via Made of Brawnstein]

• D-lode FOUR new Archdukes (Franz Ferdie) tunes (live/demo versions) at FF.org [via XFM]

• Three more acts added to the Siren Fest. Arcade Fire still a possib. Indigestion is a definite.

• Ms Mod points in the direction of a handy list of all of NYC’s free summer shows!

• Seu Jorge, of Zissou and Knockout Ned fame, is playing at SOBs this Monday. I’ll only go if he plays those Bowie covers that he makes up the lyrics to! [via Aeki Thursday]

• RetroBest interviews ultra-80s hottie Cindy Morgan. I didn’t realize she was in both Caddyshack AND Tron. Even in blue, she gives me blue balls.

• Jewsrock.org

• Peep elemtary school pics of sex offender and all around creepy-arsed looking guy Brian Peppers [via DataTwat?]

• Mag Bastard returns from Rip Van Winkleville

• Productshop NYC gets a new logo and apparently decides to add a space ‘tween the Product & the shop

• Warhol’s Time Capsule 21

• NYCers, free screening passes to something that looks hot and something that has Huckabees squares on their poster.

• Celebrities LOVE Table Tennis. Even MR ED!!

[via Metafilter]

• TONS of commercial greatness + The Freaky Universe of McDonald’s Commercials [via VanMegaMan & Double Veeski]

• Whilst wasting time in boring Raleigh, NC last tweakend, me & my man Marvkus watched the 2nd most relaxing thing EVER to air on PBS, sides Bobby Ross and his OG Phil Spector hair: Alone In the Wilderness

• Mother Indicted for Hiring Stripper for Son’s Birthday Party [via Guns n’ Rosenthal]

• F-Dubya, the license plate [via Zach de la Roachclippers]

• Which one is not wearing pants?

• More people should rock glassies like this dude [via Jakey G]

• Vader on Wheel of Fortune, from the You’re The Man Now Dogtown and ruleZZZ Boys [CLICK NOW OR DIE]

• By the time I finished this post, her current Royal Thighness found out about the possib BLY a tea of being replaced, rounded up her Hollyweird pals, decapitated yer dear Thigh Mizzle, and served me up Peter DeLuise!

And if I haven’t replied to an email u may have sent me, you now know why…

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