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Dog Guide

With a ferris wheel as a backdrop lovely Arlene Shaw, the 1967 National Hot Dog Queen holds a sign proclaiming the 100th anniversary of the fabled ‘frank.’ Arlene will reign over a champagne ‘hot dog’ party to be held on the boardwalk at Nathan’s in Coney Island June 30th celebrating the centennial of that extraordinary edible known as ‘Coney Island Red Hots’

Arlene Shaw, Miss Hot Dog Centennial at Coney Island with glass of champagne, June 30, 1967

Miss Coney Island Arlene Shaw takes a dip with Polar Bear Club members, May 1968

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Gif Exchange

I want YOU to make gifs for the internet, cause the internet and you and me need them.  and thanks to giphy’s handy new Gif Maker tool, you easily can!!!

I made some gifs from this, for this!

cause the world needs em

(or they don’t know they need them yet)
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