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Meet The Mostels

Zero Mostel, wife Kathryn, and sons Josh and Tobyat, March 3, 1974 [imdb]


Life’s A Beach & Then You Marry One

make a beach

two people embracing on the beach at Jacob Riis Park in Brooklyn, New York on July 2, 1974

photo by Waring Abbott


July Jutruths

it was captured on July 15th…

a fish-eye lens view shows Apollo 14 mission US astronauts Alan Shepard (foreground) and Edgar Mitchell working in a lunar module simulator at Kennedy Space Center, 1970

fish eye nasa

Steve Martin wows on The Ken Berry Wow Show, 1972

steve martin groucho2

steve martin groucho

Robert Lamm of Chicago got us and himself all hot and bothered, 1974

lamm chicahop

Pelé & Geraldo Rivera playing soccer, 1975

pele geraldo

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