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The Big Chills


baskin 2



baskin big

big baskin zoltar

dorff baskin


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The 2011 Thighsmans

showed yous the hottie hotness in movies of the 2011

picked the breastest movies of the beastest of the 2011

and now…

8thishendith Anal
Thighs Wide
Movie Awards



The Death To Smoochy
Worstest Pictures
of the Year

Sucker Punch

The Beaver

& Transformers 1924253


The Gus van Sant
Most Pretentious
Miranda July Movie
With A Talking Cat

The Future

runner down

 Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives


The Bare Un-Necessities/
Coulda Been A Contender

The Hangover Part II


In Time

The Ides of March

Our Idiot Brother

30 Minutes or Less


The Green Hornet

The Guard


in memory of Robert ‘Tractor’ Traylor
we are renaming our trailers award (for now)…

 Tinkered, Trailers, Awesome, Thighs


Poster Her!
Poster We!
Poster Haste!

& the wurstest ones eses eesses  essesses

and the worstest of the year???



Credits That Deserve Mad Credits

James Bond With A Dragon Tattoo


The 2nd Annual
Greta Grrr Wig
Recipient of
The OK, This Joke/Career
Muss Be Stopped
Now Award

Jennifer Lawrence


The Samuel L Jackson
Never Met A Script
He Didn’t Like
Guy of The Year

Jessica Chastain & Michael Fassbender
came close with 6 flix each 

but not even they could top

John Savage 

who had 8 flix in 2011!!


Bestest Line of The Year

I put on a granny wig and I made me a fat suit. You know what a fat suit is? Like in Norbit?

or pretty much anything Joyce McKinney says

& sorta the 2nd best and kinda the most worst

I have to help Charles finish his movie


The Gifs That Keeps On Gifing


Finger Stickin’ Goodness
Goodie Three Shoes Award

The Subway

Fassbender’s subway glances
make girls go wetty wetty

& pretty much every scene in Shame

+ these other hotnessies

we want teacher Eva Green to pet us

Dunst’s nude moonbathing

69% of Sleeping Beauty

Knightley’s daily moans

that catfish banging that woman???


Movie Things
That Aren’t Movies
That Moved Us 

the launch of our sister site Quiet On The Sets

Tom Kruse

silent pianist Ben Model

VHS Dreams

Panel Discussion

The Kove

Addams Family + Tag Team = ‘Addams Family (Whoomp!)’

this guy and his wife

Kirkstart My Heart

Ghanaian movie posters

Jake Busey as a child


Bestest Flix We Netted / Saw In A Theater
Cause Seeing Old Movies In A Theater
Is Better Than Seeing New Movies
In A Theater!!!


Always Bet On These Lil
Shirley Temple Black
(& White) Children

Steve Zahn Charlie Tahan

Clare Foley

Amelia Clarkson

Amara Miller

Laramie Eppler

Jasper Newell

Kimia Hosseini


Face Timeless

Brady (fake Michael Pitt) Corbet’s face, in anything


Songs That Execute Butter
Than Norman Mailer’s Bong

‘Immigrant Song‘ by Karen O, Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross

‘Nightcall‘ by Kavinsky featuring Lovefoxxx

Man or A Muppet?

anything Cliff Martinez scored

Harry Escott’s ‘Shame Suite’


Unintentional Porn
To Be Wild Titles


The Thing

The Big Bang

A Screaming Man

The Bang Bang Club

My Afternoons with Margueritte

My Piece of the Pie

The Beaver


Fenella Woolgar
Bestest Names Award

Bonecrusher the Mastiff 

Clement von Franckenstein

Raphaël Personnaz

Pure Watanabe

Ludger Pistor

Bitsie Tulloch

& Oona Service


Miscecallous Things That Either Stepped Up or Stepped Down More Than Step-Up 9D

Gary Oldman’s fantastic portrayal of Bill Nighy

what’s the story with
J Edgar Hoover & Shirley Temple?

Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation

hidden titties in Disney’s The Rescuers!!!

Linda Manz Kills All Hippies

Roland Emmerich’s house

Stand By Me turns 20

 Rachael Blake’s cold eyes in Sleeping Beauty

Casey Siemaszko’s sister is alive and adorable

Laurence Olivier had his own brand of cigarettes?? 

The Bobbediest & Flapper Dapperiest
Filmed Entertainments of 2011


Movies To Look
For In The ‘012

What About Bobbed?

Justin Bieber: Never Say Never Again Again in 4D

We Brought A Zardoz

Uranus Needs Moms

Cowboys & Raelians


Martha Marcy May Marlene II: Martha Marcy May Marlene Mabel Megan Mallory Medea Mona Myrtle Melinda & Melinda

11 Fast, 11 Furious

don’t forget to peep out our
’10, ’09, ’08, ’07, ’06, ’05, ’04, ’03, and ’02 awards!!

movies are amazing, and so are you

until next thyme the balcony is clothed…


Swami On Rye

Tom Hanks in Big [trailer]

Sean Penn & Samantha Morton in
Woody Allen’s Sweet and Lowdown [trailer]

Mariah Carey’s ‘Fantasy’ video
[Pop Up Video or regular]

what do the above three thangs, in addition to Fatal Attraction, The Muppets Take Manhattan, Music and Lyrics, and some Russel Crowe movie yet to be released, all have in common? They filmed at historic Rye Playland, located in Westchester County, NY

It’s been a long thyme dream of ours to see where Josh Baskin reclaimed his smallness with the help of Zoltar the Magnificent, and the dream kept on growing larger with Playland popping up again and again in these other forms of filmed entertainments. The dream finally became a reality when we hit up the park yesterday. It’s a kid friendly place with pretty lame rides (the log flume was scarier than the famed Dragon Coaster, and that’s juss plain sad), but overall twas a nice place to waste a few hours outside of hot and bothered NYC. Sadly, there was no Zoltar to be found on the boardwalk, but there was a Ms Zoltar fortune telling machine tucked away in an arcade, right next to two air hockey tables. We asked her to make us big, and when we woke up this morning, nothing had changed (yes, our shlongs are still tiny). Damn gypsy ho! Guess we’ll now re-focus our attentions on our real cinematic dream: visit where they filmed A Clockwork Orange

bonus: ye olde post cards from Playland and other NY locales

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