Swami On Rye

Tom Hanks in Big [trailer]

Sean Penn & Samantha Morton in
Woody Allen’s Sweet and Lowdown [trailer]

Mariah Carey’s ‘Fantasy’ video
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what do the above three thangs, in addition to Fatal Attraction, The Muppets Take Manhattan, Music and Lyrics, and some Russel Crowe movie yet to be released, all have in common? They filmed at historic Rye Playland, located in Westchester County, NY

It’s been a long thyme dream of ours to see where Josh Baskin reclaimed his smallness with the help of Zoltar the Magnificent, and the dream kept on growing larger with Playland popping up again and again in these other forms of filmed entertainments. The dream finally became a reality when we hit up the park yesterday. It’s a kid friendly place with pretty lame rides (the log flume was scarier than the famed Dragon Coaster, and that’s juss plain sad), but overall twas a nice place to waste a few hours outside of hot and bothered NYC. Sadly, there was no Zoltar to be found on the boardwalk, but there was a Ms Zoltar fortune telling machine tucked away in an arcade, right next to two air hockey tables. We asked her to make us big, and when we woke up this morning, nothing had changed (yes, our shlongs are still tiny). Damn gypsy ho! Guess we’ll now re-focus our attentions on our real cinematic dream: visit where they filmed A Clockwork Orange

bonus: ye olde post cards from Playland and other NY locales

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