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Let’s Broaden Our Minds

remember Batman (1989)’s Flugelheim Museum????

Goons flug

Flugelheim Museum Batman

 Flugelheim Museum Batman set

Flugelheim Museum interior

of course you do.  and if you don’t, then stop praying at the temple of Christopher Nolan and start paying attention

anywho, the moo-zam had quite an impressive collection of art…

synditcs joker

Syndics of the Drapers’ Guild – Rembrandt, 1662

syndics rem

joker abe

[maybe] Abraham Lincoln – William Willard, 1864

abe willard

joker 76

The Spirit of ’76 (Yankee Doodle) - Archibald MacNeal Willard, c 1875


joker hopper

Approaching a City – Edward Hopper, 1946

hopper approaching

joker degas

Two Dancers on a Stage - Edgar Degas, c 1874

degas dancers

joker ceasar sculpture

[maybe] marble portrait bust of the emperor Gaius, known as Caligula – unknown, AD 37–41

caligulia bust

joker rembrandt

Self Portrait at the Age of 63 – Rembrandt,  1669

rembrandt selfie

joker degas sculpture

Grand Arabesque, Second Time – Edgar Degas, c 1885-90

second time_edgar-degas

joker renoir

Pink and Blue – Pierre Auguste Renoir, 1881

pink white renoir

vermeer joker

Woman Holding a Balance – Johannes Vermeer, 1662–1663

vermeer balance

joker gainsborough

The Blue Boy (Jonathan Buttall) – Thomas Gainsborough, 1770

blue boy

joker washington gilbetr

George Washington (The Athenaeum Portrait) - Gilbert Stuart, 1796

stuart washington

joker bacon

Figure with Meat – Francis Bacon, 1954

bacon meat

sum hat tip help from N&K

+ the abandoned movie sets of Batman 1989

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