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I present to you a new project…

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Penny For Our Thoughts

Peace The Forks Out


Lucky Penny

gary marshall

Penny, you thought big and got into a league of men and it made it your own.  thank you.  we’ve always dreamed bigger because of you

big baskin zoltar

Laverne & Shirley You Can’t Be Serious?

Peace The Forks Out


Garry Marshall


garry happy days

gary marshall

garrys shows

garry penny

garry matt dillion


garry card


The Hunter of Deer

deer hunter


Elie Wiesel



Mr Killing Fields


Abbas Kiarostami

the DB Cooper investigation

Nate Thurmond

he kissed spider women

the boss of bosses

Warhol factory photog

straight up punk

the first Lois Lane

Mr Nine West


robin hardy wicker man

wicker man hardy

he was ENTERPRISE-ing

a Prime Minister of France

Pakistan’s Mother Teresa

Eagles player and coach

he was straight up Loonie

Minni miracle man


Elvis Presley guitarist

he swam in gene pools

he messed with Howe

he was in The Mummy

Tom Hanks’ mom

Mickey Rooney’s son

she wrote Rebecca 2

she helped books

he owned Baltimore’s Studio 54

NYU’s 13th prez

Spumoni Gardens owner

he raced with Newman’s own

some film processing guy

some country singer

some SNL director

some DJ

some lawyer

some British comedienne

some historian

some actor

some other actor

some other other actor

some other other other actor

some other other other other actor

some Romanian actor

some Senator

some SoCal writer

some Hungarian writer


Chief Zee

chief zee2

WASHINGTON, D.C. - DECEMBER 27: Washington Redskins fan "Chief Zee" watches the game against the Philadelphia Eagles on December 27, 2003 at FedEx Field in Washington, D.C. (Photo by Jerry Driendl/Getty Images)

chief zee skins

MIAMI - DECEMBER 03: Washington Redskins "unofficial" mascot Zema Williams known as Chief Zee wipes his face as he arrives for the funeral of Redskins football player, Sean Taylor, at the Pharmed Arena at Florida International University December 3, 2007 in Miami, Florida. Taylor died November 27, one day after being shot at his home in Miami. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)


No Laughing Matter

Peace The Forks Out


Mr Surefire

robin good morn

mork mindy2

robin poets

robin juggle

robin best of times

happy days

robin chris reeve

mcdonalds robin williams

robin one hour photo

robin cheerleader


gabe robin


Robin Williams only wanted to make us lauff, but at times his shtick got old, and yet he kept going, and going and going, and then we’d be reminded again and again of juss how much of a manic comic genius he was. For every Patch Adams or Jack or Toys we never saw, there were a zillion performances we did, and relished, and will never soon forget. Robin gave so much of himself, but I guess never got much in return. Behind his smile hid a frown, and for all the smiles he gave us all, it’s our turn to show a frown. Thank you Robin


James Garner

James Brady

Elaine Stritch

last real Ramone

Israeli dude who directed and produced awesome/dumb 80s/90s movies!

godfather of make-up

Texas chainsawed

president of Nakatomi Trading Corp

Cafe Wha???????????????????

JFK saver


model maker

Washington Generals owner

El Mariachi drug lord

this fieldhouse, sorta seen in Rushmore

a Potterhead


Barves voice

he found Hitler’s hat

music man




Drew on film


sum British actress

sum swimming lady

sum really old eel


peace out to Smoochy as the Thighsmans namesake dishonor for ‘Worstest movie of the year’ award :(

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