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Project Within The Project

heard about the Topps Project 2020?  the gold standard trading card company picked 20 of their own iconic rookie baseball cards, which run the gamut from Jackie Robinson to Mike Trout, and currently have 20 artists you’ve probably never heard of, and neither had we either (my favorites being Ermsy and Efdot) putting their own creative spin on them.  400 cards in total.  insane!

the cards are printed by demand within a 2-day sales window, so the total print runs are what they are.  at first no one really knew about the project, and the print runs were low (some under 2K), making the cards instantly in-demand for those who wanted them and valuable to those who owned them 

then more and more collectors and card flippers (people looking to score a quick profit buying them and then turning right around and re-selling them) jumped in, the print runs ran WAY too high, and the market crashed.  the project is still going, but outside of the early cards, it’s hard to tell what the future value of the cards will be

the boom and bust can all be linked to one card – the 88th in the series – Keith Shore’s take on Ken Griffey Jr’s 1989 rookie card

he took this card…

and turned it into this…

and 99,177 card sales later, the Project would never be the same

but that’s OK.  the Project soldiers on, and while we marvel at the new cards dropping daily, we do so with more artistic appreciation of them, and less on hoping for them to appreciate monetarily

so a lot of us (I’m in it for both the collecting and the $$$) are left with plenty extra cards on hand that are less in value than what we paid Topps for them

Griffey Shores (as they’re known) are basically fancy paperweights and a in-joke wink for all who got swallowed up by the gold rush of these Project 2020 cards

But after seeing what some people were doing on eBay, making their own custom 2020 cards, I decided to join the fray, throw my hat in the ring and turn someone else’s art into my own (and try to at least make my money back OR MORE!)

(and doing it for cards beyond Griffey Shore, as I have several other cool looking ‘paperweights’)

so yes, I’m making art, but using someone else’s to make my own

and now YOU can own it for yourself!

but act fast – there’s only 1 of EACH of what you see below in existence!









go get em kids!

and there’ll be more where these came from, so keep an eye and a thigh out!




Official Website | Trailers & Mo
Not Rated | 96 min

Looking for a surefire way to get rid of someone you’re dating?  Take them to see Markus Schleinzer‘s darkly quiet and mesmerizing directorial debut Michael, about a kidnapping pedophile (Michael Fuith), who outside of being an immoral and horrible a$$hole of a human being, is juss an average Austrian working drone like you and we, who at home treats his little locked-up in the basement victim (David Rauchenberger) with 34% respect (they share meals! cleaning duties! Xmas gifts!), when he’s not being 66% disrespectful to him (!!!)

Now this doesn’t mean that Michael is filled with nothing but kiddie bum touching and other things no one wants to watch in a movie (or in real life for that matter), cause it’s not (most of that kinda stuff happens off screen), or one of these flicks that forces us to sympathize with someone who doesn’t deserve to live, cause it doesn’t, or one that gives us hope that the little kid’s got better days ahead, cause it doesn’t, sorta.  So what is it about this movie that makes it watchable???  Can’t really put a finger on it [GROSS], but it’s kinda touching??? [GROSS]

moral of the story – the flick is kinda sorta based on the case of Natascha Kampusch, but you don’t need real-life boogeymen to inspire tales of humanity’s dark side, but we do need movies like this to remind us that these boogeymen hactually do exist AND are human beings, doing inhumane things, and the song will always remains the song – THEY ARE HORRIBLE PEOPLES (who are so fascinating cause they is horribles)!!!

Verdictgo: Jeepers Mos Def Worth A Peepers/Creepers

Michael is currently playing in limited release

oh, and this movie should not be confused with this movie

and until next thyme the balcony is clothed…

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