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This Is What It Sounds Like When Everyone Cries

Peace The Forks Out
Goodnight Sweet


prince cover

prince ball

prinmce music

purple rain

prince bike

prine smooth

purple prince

princ tube

prince rs 2


prince batdance

oprince v

prince eyes open

prince hear

prince 7

prince pic

goodnigth sweet prince

nothing compares 2 u, cause u got the look, u sexy MF.  u made us party like it was 1999, told us to go crazy, get all delirious, live up the pop life, do the batdance – all the sign o the times.  i would die 4 u, or give you diamonds and pearls or a little red corvette.  how about 7 raspberry berets? we’d kiss you if we could, but we longer can.  the cream off the peach is gone.  you were the most beautiful girl man in the world, even on alphabet street.  the thieves in the temple took your life, but we’ll have your music from our generation, to the new power generation, and for every generation 9ever.  this is what it sounds like when doves cry, and when humans do too :(

perviously – when I saw him in 2004


That’s So Craven

Peace The Forks Out


A Million Ways To Die
In The Wes

wes craven

wes scream

wes nightmare


Mr Giant MNF Kathie Lee

gifford cape


Chocolate Thunder





bat girl



he was about What’s Happening With Sanford & Son, Divorce American Style

Bond, Julian Bond

Bob Dylan’s producer

Awakenings no mo

Wrangler Jane

mister Mr Coffee

mr coffee

Marines’ First Black Aviator and General

Dust Lady

first lady of the Khmer Rouge

made a Killing with Kubrick

first African-American Jean Valjean

he trained horses

The Islander

al albour

activist beaten on Selma bridge

he rode for freedom

Mrs Marlon Brando the I

Disney historian

some actor

some other actor


Chris Evert’s dad

some British actor

some other British actor

he told Chicago the weather

Maryland Batman


Robert ‘Bob’ Farrell


father of Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlour


there was no butter place to go for fun and magical and giant birthday desserts, loud noises, giant jawbreakers and other goody godly sugar excellentness!!  

sadly they closed up shop on the East Coast eons ago, but still live on today in a few West Coast and Hawaiian locations.  It’s one of the only reasons I want to return to Los Angeles

farrells candy

thank you Bob!


A Death Life In The Family

what if Jason Todd LIVED in Batman: A Death in the Family???

jason todd alt death batman
jason todd alt death batman2

during the 1980s, DC Comics let readers vote (via a 1-900 number) whether then-Robin Jason Todd should live or die. He was killed off by a margin of 72 votes (5,343 for, 5,271 against).  Artist Jim Aparo drew both outcomes, pending the vote. Above – the rarely seen page where Robin lives to fight another day

from the DC Comics Archive

and for those who want to relive his death…

a death in the family cover

robin dies


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