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Project Within The Project

heard about the Topps Project 2020?  the gold standard trading card company picked 20 of their own iconic rookie baseball cards, which run the gamut from Jackie Robinson to Mike Trout, and currently have 20 artists you’ve probably never heard of, and neither had we either (my favorites being Ermsy and Efdot) putting their own creative spin on them.  400 cards in total.  insane!

the cards are printed by demand within a 2-day sales window, so the total print runs are what they are.  at first no one really knew about the project, and the print runs were low (some under 2K), making the cards instantly in-demand for those who wanted them and valuable to those who owned them 

then more and more collectors and card flippers (people looking to score a quick profit buying them and then turning right around and re-selling them) jumped in, the print runs ran WAY too high, and the market crashed.  the project is still going, but outside of the early cards, it’s hard to tell what the future value of the cards will be

the boom and bust can all be linked to one card – the 88th in the series – Keith Shore’s take on Ken Griffey Jr’s 1989 rookie card

he took this card…

and turned it into this…

and 99,177 card sales later, the Project would never be the same

but that’s OK.  the Project soldiers on, and while we marvel at the new cards dropping daily, we do so with more artistic appreciation of them, and less on hoping for them to appreciate monetarily

so a lot of us (I’m in it for both the collecting and the $$$) are left with plenty extra cards on hand that are less in value than what we paid Topps for them

Griffey Shores (as they’re known) are basically fancy paperweights and a in-joke wink for all who got swallowed up by the gold rush of these Project 2020 cards

But after seeing what some people were doing on eBay, making their own custom 2020 cards, I decided to join the fray, throw my hat in the ring and turn someone else’s art into my own (and try to at least make my money back OR MORE!)

(and doing it for cards beyond Griffey Shore, as I have several other cool looking ‘paperweights’)

so yes, I’m making art, but using someone else’s to make my own

and now YOU can own it for yourself!

but act fast – there’s only 1 of EACH of what you see below in existence!









go get em kids!

and there’ll be more where these came from, so keep an eye and a thigh out!



Diana, In

for the annual Bloomington, Indiana trip, the crew tried something a little different – visit at a time when our ballz won’t freeze, and lemme tell you, it was MARVVVVELOUS!!!!!!!


and empty!!! (I actually played ball there!)


and scenic with a ‘K’, like skenik! (don’t tell anyone we were on the roof)


and there were signs!


in neon too!


and cheap fried things!


and learning!


and 80s Star Wars – in German!!


and dudes with snakes on their neck!!


and MUST-staches!!!!


and dudes juss as cool w/o staches!!!


and bears with boobs that are hot, and off-putting at the same time


and great times, and even greater food


can you smell the farts?




you can’t do better than this America!


yep, I filled them holes


and yep, grease is the word, and grease poured out of my butt


bacon anyone?


and Long Island Iced Tea anyone?  warning – you should not drink this, unless you’re a college student and looking to black out in 10 minutes


and yep, the Nats represent everywhere


and Mark Cuban never forgets life before sharks and tanks and being a rich douche

the new Cuban Embassy

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you’re #1, we’re all #1!!


like what you see?

Thighclops #EyeWideOpen

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and so concludes #RanchFarts2015


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Pretty In Pink Ladies

wees don’t think the lovely Marty Maraschino (Dinah Manoff) of Grease gets enuff love from the nets of inter

she always gets our greases a-lightening every time we see her at the prom in that hot lil green number

what about chu?  or are you more of a Frenchy frenchster?

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